Client comments re: ASIS Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) Kit:

Greetings Pj,

Comments on your material

"The materials from PJDA, most especially the practice questions were very helpful.l have preference for self study and didn't get a tutor like most PCI certified colleagues in Nigeria.

I took the test before reading the manuals, identified the gaps, read the manual, took the test again and again until l was satisfied l had acheived preferred mastery.

More importantly, the second set of practice questions helped me more for my re-test."

Femi Aroso

Corporate Security Manager 

FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc

Lagos, Nigeria

Received December 2017


Client Comment (September 2015 Illinois Private Security Contractor License Exam Prep Kit)


“P.J. Jordan’s exam prep kit was very helpful and allowed me to pass the rigorous Illinois Private Security Contractor exam on my first attempt. I found P.J.’s practice exams were extremely useful because they provided a good idea of the type of questions that would be asked.  I also appreciated P.J.’s exam tips and encouraging e-mails, which served as a constant reminder that this is no easy exam, but the type of exam which requires very disciplined and regular study.  When you purchase the Prep Kit, you are also getting an excellent exam coach!”   (October 2015)


Re: PJDA Illinois Private Security Contractor License Exam Prep Kit -  March 2015:

"I thought your exam kit was invaluable, and I doubt I would have passed the test on the first try without it. You can quote me on that, although I don’t want you to use my name. But I will stand behind my comments."  (April 2015)

“Paladin Jordan Detective Agency worked on my Aunts assault and battery case. When I was introduced to P J his introduction was very impressive and he assured me that he would do everything he could to get the facts in the case and also keep the cost down as much as possible. He did just that and I was very pleased with the ending results. He did not only act as Detective but was very comforting in understanding the situation at hand. I will always remember P J for his prompt and courteous service because everything he said he was going to do he did it. Thanks! Paladin Detective Agency” (November 2014)



"P.J. Jordan is an amazing investigator.  He showed up early to work on our case together.  He provided me with updates on work he completed for the case and was always available by phone, email, or text to answer any questions.  He was very proactive with our case in analyzing and strategizing to bring about the best result possible to our client.

P.J. is honest, respectful, humble and very easy to work with whether he's called upon morning or night.  He was thorough in his investigation and always worked in best interest of our client.

I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship between our firm and P.J. Jordan." (November 13, 2014)  Brunell Donald-Kyei, Esq.


Below are comments from Mr. Todd Thompson, who purchased my Private Security Contractor Prep Kit to Prep for his September 2014 test.

1.) How helpful was the Prep Kit in preparing you for the exam? (1 not helpful, 5 is very helpful)
1 is not helpful
5 is very helpful
Please Explain....
            Your Preparation Kit is aptly named. Here’s why. You could have simply made your kit out of your practice exams, called it such and still got your asking price. But you take it several steps further. You provide actual reference materials such as the JCAR, Illinois Handbook, flash cards, and etc. This helps ensure actual ability to study the source material and true preparation. But where you REALLY shine is the responsive personal service that you give to your customers. That alone is worth its weight in gold, and subsequently, your asking price.
2.) What was the most helpful part of the Kit?
            Of course I have to say the comprehensive practice exams for one. I took and retook (ad nauseum, lol) those with a blank, self-created, excel answer sheet. I did so until I developed the muscle memory that you referred to. The other portion that I found and STILL find helpful is the JCAR source material all in one place and easily searchable. I know that I will refer to that for quite some time to come.
3.) What was the least helpful part of the Kit?
            For me, personally, it was the audio files. That being said, I believe that they could be very valuable to others. People with a longer commute than me or people that have an audio based learning style, I’m sure, find the audio files very helpful. I just happen to have a short commute and am a visual learner.
4.) What are your thoughts about the state test?
            I stayed overnight at the hotel cause I am from downstate Illinois, and found the hotel itself and buffet excellent. The testing folks from Continental were very friendly and helpful. The test questions themselves ranged from easy and straightforward to complex and, what I felt to be, tricky and oddly worded. You are definitely correct that every question and answer matters. T take that further, every question and ALL the possible answers matter. An exam candidate needs to first, be properly prepared with your prep kit and second, be prepared to analyze the question. I say analyze because it seemed that there were a number of questions that were of the type….”choose the BEST answer” and not just the correct one. Many questions have, seemingly, 4 correct answers (all of the choices), but you HAVE to know your material so you can pick THE best one.
 5.) Additional comments:
            Thanks again for everything. I will keep in touch!" (September 23, 2014) Todd Thompson


(DECEMBER 2013):

"Paladin Jordan is an expert with twenty-nine years of experience investigating crimes as an Illinois State Trooper before starting his own Detective Agency in 2012. His excellent communication skills and years of testifying in court make him a great witness in any case. He creates effective demonstratives for trial, scale drawings with accurate measurements, photographs and videotapes crime scenes, and locates and interviews witnesses. He dresses sharp and interacts professionally with court personnel, lawyers, and civilians. I highly recommend him for your investigative needs. (12/11/13)Cliff Nellis, Lead Attorney, Lawndale Christian Legal Center



(MAY 2013):

"I can't thank you enough for all the education, training and support you have given me in the last twelve months. 

Your unwavering devotion to the underdog, truly deem you to be a very special person, teacher, trainer and humanitarian. 

Emphasizing to your students the importance of using interpersonal skills, 'sexy voice', and making people feel comfortable - will be front and center with me.

Thanks for being such a special friend, teacher, and trainer. (May 2013)" B. Wilkins, Private Detective, Chicagoland Area


"Mr. Jordan has conducted a thorough investigation of several of our cases at the Lawndale Christian Legal Center over the course of the last year.  Mr. Jordan is thorough in his investigation, completes his work with excellence and professionalism, responds timely, and meets deadlines.  Mr. Jordan has been instrumental in locating witnesses for us, conducting thorough interviews, obtaining documents and records that were difficult to secure, and testifying in court when necessary.  I highly recommend him as a personal investigator for your needs." (November 2012).  Cliff Nellis, Lead Attorney at the Lawndale Christian Legal Center



"Kudos for Paladin Jordan PCI, CPP, B.A. Illinois State Police (retired M./SGT);

Upon retiring from the Will County Sheriff’s Police after almost 32 years at the rank of Deputy Chief of Investigations and Special Operations, I considered acquiring my private investigator license from the State of Illinois. I had previously heard the horror stories of retired cops taking the test, thinking that their past experience would carry them through the test, and failing.

That is why I took P.J. Jordan’s class on the Illinois Private Investigators licensing test. With his instruction, which provided direction and expertise, I was able to pass the test on the first try. I am looking forward to utilizing my license and the knowledge I have gained in this process." (September 2012)

Nick Ficarello, Deputy Chief (retired), Will County, Illinois Sheriff's Police Department



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