We Conduct Confidential Child Support Violation Investigations:

  •  Tired of waiting for the state to find and collect money owed to your children by their delinquent father?
  • Are you convinced the state is doing everything possible to locate and collect money owed to your children? 
  • How long have you been waiting and how much longer will your children have to suffer?

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I'm Paladin "Pj" Jordan. I'm the President, CEO, and Chief Investigator of the Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc (PJDA, Inc). My office is Downtown Elgin. I'm also a retired Illinois State Police Investigative Commander.

Before retiring from the Illinois State Police, I spent 30 years investigating, locating, and arresting drunks, drug dealers, auto thieves, armed robbers, reckless drivers, wife beaters, bad cops and others.

My goals were always the same: uncover and document facts sufficient to warrant a punishment equal to "100 years in the electric chair." In reality, howver, none of my cases ever resulted in an offender being sentenced to death or 100 years in prison.   

My other goal was to ALWAYS be an advocate, mentor, and supporter of crime victims, and their families. Now, as a private detective, I pursue the same goals for my clients.

My specialty is helping Clients (I call them "Truth Seekers") find answers and solutions. 

Many times prospective clients become frustrated because they cannot find assistance with their problem through "normal" channels like the police, government agencies, attorneys, etc. If that describes your situation, call me today.

NOTE: I don't take every case. Also, my professional services are not cheap. However, I do listen intently to every potential client. Initial appointments are always free and confidential. 

Call today for a free, confidential appointment: 224.238.7848 or email: Paladin@pjda.net. 

All credit cards accepted for professional services.