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Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor Exam Preparation Tips

Greetings Friends and Colleagues. Below is some coaching tips and methods that will bolster your retention of your study materials and help you pass your Illinois Private Security Contractor and/or Private Detective License exam. 

I assist my clients by focusing on the following: 

1.) Online, "real-world" simulated Pop Quizzes that are timed and scored.

2.) Constant coaching reminders and motivators.

3.) Simplifications and clarifications on confusing and/or unique subject matter areas. 

4.) Multiple Saturday morning group and one-to-one tutoring sessions.

5.)  Prep Coach Pj's Study Tips and Ideas

First, your testing application deadline for the security contractor and detective exams is Friday, February 2, 2018. All applications must be submitted by that date to be eligible for the March 14, 2018 test. The test cost is $298.

To maximize your chance of passing your exam, you will need to read the books assigned as sources for your Examination. For the private detective test your book is Gilbert's Criminal Investigation, 8th Edition. For the security contractor test your books are: Fischer's Introduction to Security and Collins' Principles of Security and Crime Prevention.

It is extremely important to read these books.

Reason: Half of the answers on your tests will come directly from these sources. Plus, you will maximize your retention of the study materials when you combine reading the books with taking our PJDA Prep Kit practice tests.

To keep my clients focused on their test prep, I will be sending you random, online practice tests. FYI: Just like your college professors, I also receive a copy of your results every time you take a test. That means I know when you take the tests, how you did, and what are your strong and weak areas. 

Okay. Here are some fresh prep coaching tips:  

Prep Coach Tip 1: Take the online tests multiple times. This means 2,3 or more times at each opportunity. Print a copy of your results to track and document your strong and weak areas. Over time our goal is to ID and reduce your weak areas.  

Benefit: The more you take the tests, the more you become familiar with the material. Remember, you must answer all questions from the author's perspective - not your prior work experience or knowledge. The more familiar you are with the materials, the less time you need to interpret similar or confusing questions and concepts you encounter on during your "Final Exam." 

Remember on Exam Day you will have about 65 seconds to read, interpret, and answer each question. If you have to spend more time using the process of elimination on difficult questions, you may run out of time to answer all the questions. 

Prep Coach Tip 2: If possible, schedule one or two days off prior to your Exam. 

Benefit: You will use this time to review your materials and clear your mind of distractions and matters unrelated to your Exam. Plus, you can use this time to make sure you know where the Exam venue is, how to get there on time, if your car needs servicing, and make sure you have all the materials needed for your test. Remember, the test is a hurdle you must overcome to proceed with your future. Failure means delaying your goals at least 6 months; not to mention the economic costs related to failure.

One more thing. I'm proud to have the opportunity to assist you! I am humbled that you have faith in me and pay me your hard-earned dollars to help you achieve your dream. I don't take this opportunity for granted. I understand your dream of being your own boss and controlling your destiny. I have shared the same dreams and philosophy. I believe we are all like-minded individuals. 

Consequently, I'd like to share a quotation that describes the challenge we are face: "A man (or woman) is known not by their special exertions but their habitual acts." Blaise Pasqual. Think of Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt the Stilt scored 99 points in one basketball game. No one has ever repeated that accomplishment. MJ averaged 30 points per game for his entire career. 

Your challenge is to devote regular, meaningful study time to preparing for and passing your "Final Exam." To pass this Exam you must develop good habits that lead to spending some regular time to reading your books and practicing the tests.  

All right friends. That's it for now. All the best to You and stay safe and healthy!