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**Breaking News** Buy A Prep Kit by 12/12/15, Pass Your Test and Get a Refund!

That's true! Buy my Prep Kit before December 12, 2015, pass your test on March 12, 2016, and I'll refund $50 of your Prep Kit Fee. It's a win-win proposition. 

Rationale: "w = f * d".  This is a physics equation which means "work equals force times distance." This is one of the first equations I learned in traffic crash reconstruction training at Northwestern University. Simply, it means more energy is expended the longer/further you do something intensely. In the context of test preparation, it means it the more you work, and the longer you work, the more you improve your chance of passing your test. 

My goal is to help you pass your test. The best way to pass your test is to increase the amount of time you spend preparing and to increase the intensity of your study methods. Ideally, you should spend 3 month on study prep. December 12, 2015 is 3 months from the state of Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor license examinations.

Proposal: If you buy my Prep Kit before 12/12/15 and pass your test on 03/12/16, I will give you a $50 refund. This is a win-win because when you pass your test I get to claim a role in helping you pass. The added benefit for you is your Prep Kit cost is reduced by $50.

My Kits come with more than practice Q&As. The Kit includes: test-taking tips, a private, one-on-one tutoring session, follow-up coaching from now until your test, online practice quizzes, and more.

My Detective and Security Contractor Kits are $389 if you buy directly from me; and $399 via

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 When I was learning physics in traffic crash reconstruction training, In learning physics to The more time and effort you devote to study prep the better your chances of passing the test.