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New for 2016: Private Tutoring Sessions Added to License Exam Prep Kits

Do you know what kind of learner are you? Do you learn quicker and retain content longer when you're part of a classroom group or one-on-one with your instructor? Some folks learn better by sharing their experiences and engaging with other like-minded students. Others learn better by interacting privately with an instructor--minus the distractions present in a classroom of other students. And some folks learn better working by themselves, at their own pace.

There are positives and negatives associated with all three learning methods. 

My Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor License Exam Prep Kits are designed to help all three types of learners pass their licensing examinations.  

Both My Prep Kits include: 

1.) Real questions and answers that I've created from the source materials. I have Q&As from the Fischer, Collins and Gilbert text books, the Illinois Criminal Law and Civil law, the JCAR, and the state and federal constitutions.

2.) Online practice quizzes to help you practice taking the tests as many times as you like. The quizzes are separated into categories so you can identify your strong and weak areas. After you know your weak areas, you should focus on them more as you get closer to the test. 

3.) Audio files that contain study materials. Use these materials to listen to the content while you're working out, commuting to work, etc. 

4.) New for 2016. I've added one free, 60 minute private tutoring session. We can meet in my office or any other location. We'll go over all the materials or focus on any topic you prefer. 

5.) Last, but, probably the most important element of my Kit is personal coaching and motivation. One reason many people fail is that they don't devote enough time to study. I will stay with you until the test occurs. What that means is that I will be checking in, offering tips, answering questions about the test and materials, and pushing you--hard! 

My motto is "Every Question and Answer Matters!" 

This is what I've learned about the state of Illinois license tests: Even though you only need a 70% on a 75 question test to pass, many folks underestimate the test material, and push their preparation time to the side. It happened to me too. I failed the test because I assumed I could pass it with a 70. I was wrong. Guess what? After I failed I realized I had to wait another six months to try again. That was hard!

Don't wait, and don't assume you can pass this test without serious preparation. If you do, you'll be risking your success, and you might have to put your plans off another six months. 

You can purchase my Detective or Security Contractor Prep Kits today for $389 each.