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Illinois Private Detective/Security Contractor License Exam Tip of the Week

Prep Kit Tip of the Week:

The state of Illinois Private Security Contractor and Private Detective license tests are Saturday, March 14, 2015. That means there are nine weeks remaining to prep for the test. The best way to prep for these tests is by performing activities which help you identify your strong and weak areas. Doing practice tests is one way. Another way is creating and using your own flash cards.  

Before explaining how to create your own flash cards, let’s take a closer look at these tests.

Exam test Q&As come from multiple sources. On the private detective exam, 40 of the 75 questions and answers involve detective practices (53%). Federal and state law have 35 questions and answers (30%). And, licensing and practice requirements account for 12 questions and answers (16%).  

On the private security contractor exam, 40 of the 75 Q&As involve security practices. The other percentages for federal and state law and licensing and practice requirements are the same. 

What do these percentages tell us? More than half of the test Q&As on each test will come from either detective practices or security practices source material. For the private detective exam, there is only one detective practices source: James Gilbert’s Criminal Investigation Textbook. This source contains 19 chapters and 541 pages. 

For the private security contractor exam, there are two security practices sources: Robert Fischer, et al’s Introduction to Security and Pamela A. Collins, et al’s Principles of Security and Crime Prevention. Fischer’s book contains 20 chapters and 501 pages. Collins’s book contains 13 chapters and 401 pages. 

That’s a lot of material to study! And, the best way to manage this is the same way you eat an elephant. A little bit at a time. 

DIY FLASH CARDS. Create your own flash cards of questions and answers from the source materials. At least half of your Q&As must cover either detective or security practices- depending on which test you’re taking. 

Use 3 by 5 inch index cards to create your flash cards. Practice your flash cards daily. By creating your own cards, and practicing them daily, you’ll increase your retention of the materials. As you master a Q&A (which you will when practicing everyday), eliminate those Q&AS which become easy. These are your strong areas. Keep the hard Q&As in your flash card deck. These are your weak areas. 

I used this concept, and a couple others, to pass my detective test with a perfect score on my second attempt in 2012. I also used this method to pass the ASIS, International Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) exams. These exams are whoppers when compared to the licensing tests.   

For assistance with creating Q&As, purchase either of my Prep Kits. Both contain more than 400 practice Q&As that come directly from all the sources. For a free sample, contact me: 224.238.7848 or email: info@pjda.net.