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Burst out of Your Comfort Zone and Succeed!

Burst out of your Comfort Zone and Succeed!

This Post offers tips and techniques on how to master a new skill. This Post is primarily for folks studying for the state of Illinois Private Detective and/or Security Contractor license examinations.   

However, anyone interested in mastering a skill or overcoming a challenge will benefit from this Post. Read on, please. 

Becoming a licensed private detective or private security contractor.

There are eight weeks remaining until Continental Testing Services ( presides over candidates taking exams to become Illinois licensed private detectives, security contractors, locksmiths, and alarm contractors. These tests are offered every March and September at the Best Western Inn, in Hillside, Illinois. 

What’s wrong with being comfortable?

Although initially, it may seem paradoxical, a Comfort Zone is not always a good thing. For our clients a Comfort Zone is a good thing. A Comfort Zone t’s like a Safe Room, right? It’s also a place where we want our loved ones and friends to be. In fact, in business, many of us have as an objective to create Comfort Zones for our clients. 

In this context, I define “Comfort Zone” differently. The Comfort Zone I’m referring to is a state of mind. In this Post, a Comfort Zone is the place where we are most confident, relaxed, fearless, and comfortable. This “C-Zone” is where we want to be most of the time. While we’re in the C-Zone, we feel minimal stress and anxiety.  Many folks believe we do our best work we’re in the C-Zone. 

Guess what? Never leaving your C-Zone is a problem when you’re attempting to master a new skill. Staying in the C-Zone slows you down, limits your endurance, and inhibits your growth.

An amazing fact about our bodies and minds is that our bodies and minds improve dramatically when we engage in hard work; and experience frustration and discomfort—in moderation. 

It’s not like walking on broken glass.

People who workout regularly understand this concept. They recognize it as a vital component in training and conditioning. Athletes and coaches regularly use the term “No pain, no gain.” This is their way of expressing that we must push ourselves out of our C-Zones to reach the next level. 

Prepping for the state of Illinois Private Detective and or Security Contractor licensing examination requires the same degree of understanding. In this context, “Bursting out of Your Comfort Zone” means focusing on your weak areas more than your strong areas. It also means enduring the negative feelings you sense when struggling materials you don’t understand, find boring, or inconsequential. 

How many people enjoy taking a test and failing it? Few do. Additionally, very few people get satisfaction from reading new concepts and theories and not being able to interpret and explain them. 

Here’s the good news!

However, when we devote meaningful time on new materials which are foreign, complicated, and/or boring, we are practicing in an area outside of our C-Zone. 

Mastery of any new skill, concept or theory, requires immersion in that material for a considerable amount of time. Our brains have the ability to absorb the material, deconstruct it, and recombine it (like these new 3D printers). 

However, mastery takes time, practice and patience to do it. The time comes from your regular and consistent interaction with the new materials, outside of your C-Zone. The practice is the amount of time you engage in reading and interpreting the new materials. And patience is the amount of time you give yourself to adjust and adapt to the frustration you feel while being outside of your C-Zone.   

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