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IL Private Security Contractor Exam Tip of the Week


Hello Friends, 

You’re down to 20 days remaining to prep for the state examination. By now you should know which topics are your strong and weak areas. 

Here are your tips of the week:

1. Focus less on your strong areas during the next week. 

-I’ve attached a chart which identifies the topic areas that are covered on the exam. On the attachment, the third column lists the # of questions asked from each topic area. I’ve estimated the additional breakdown of the questions.

-One thing is obvious as I look at the breakdown of the questions and topics. No single area will have an overwhelming number of questions. On average each topic area will ask 3 questions.

2. Tip: create your own flash cards using the content from your cheat sheets and other study materials. 

3. The best way to remember something is to write it, read it and speak it. Plus, you retain the materials even longer when you rewrite the content in your own words. My suggestion is to use this technique only for content  you find really difficult and challenging (i.e., eavesdropping, burglary vs robbery vs home invasion, etc).  


4. If you can breeze through certain topics without much thought then this is a strong area. Don’t eliminate these topics from your practice, just reduce the time you’re spending on them.

5. ALSO: Make sure to practice using a real-world environment. What I mean it to use a timer, set up a hard-backed chair and table, remove distractions (TV, radio, kids, etc) and give yourself a 75 question test. DO this a couple times this week. The benefit is this will help lessen your anxiety during the test on March 8th. 

Here’s what the environment will be like at your test on March 8th: 

a. Arrive early. The parking lot will be full. People from all over the state and out of staters are there taking tests, too. 

b. When you arrive there will be hundreds of others standing around waiting to take your test and other tests (Locksmiths, alarms, detectives, etc.).

c. There will be signs on the conference room doors indicating which rooms will be used for which tests.

d. Some staff will be friendly, some won’t. Don’t allow their bad mojo to infect you.

e. The conference room doors will be locked until it’s time to go in and get ready. 


f. After they open the doors, you will be directed to your seat based on the spelling of your last name. If this is your second time taking the test, you may see some of the the same people who were there the last time you took the test.

g. Once you sit down, the staff will come around and verify your ID by looking at your DL and your letter. (DON’T forget to bring your letter and DL.)

h. Leave all electronic devices in your car. 

i. Approximately 15 minutes before the test begins the host from Continental Testing will walk you through filling out the answer sheet. This is “old School.” No computers are used. 

j. As you begin the test expect some people to be arriving late. 

k. If for some reason you are late, don’t cancel. Up to a certain time, they allow you to take the test. 

i. When you finish the test, raise your hand and staff will come and collect your materials. 

m. During the test, you’ll probably see people you know (cops, security professionals, retirees, etc.). You won’t have much time to talk until after the test. Most folks are so exhausted and stressed after the test, they just leave the hotel and hit the road. (I know I was.) 

n. Also, they staff will do a countdown before your time is up. If you have a regular watch wear it so you can keep track of your time. Remember, no electronic devices are allowed. 

Remember, every question and answer matters!!!

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