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"Only in America, 24 November 2014 (Ferguson, Missouri)"

Only in America. 

Only in America can you fully and freely express your disagreement with the State-without consequence. 

Only in America can you carry your disagreement with the State to the next level. 

America is not Utopia. America is not perfect. The United Kingdom abolished slavery 50 years before America did. Yet, the UK is not Utopia either. Far from it. 

I don't disagree that here in America (my home), there are many race-related issues that affect me, my family, and my livelihood. There are also many other issues as well. There is classism, violence, ignorance, greed, nepotism, jealousy, fear, and envy.

There's also laziness and apathy. Some say the opposite of love is apathy not hatred. 

Apathy is worse than hatred. Apathy is worse that racism. 

Let's fight apathy by being a role models for positive change. The conflict in the Middle East has continued for 2000 years. It will not change as long as one side continues to fight against the arguments and past acts of the other side. 

Our fight against racism will change--with or without us. History, anthropology, and time are with us (See South African). American will be a different place in 50 years, 100 years, 200 years. 

Our great-great 4x -grand children won't have to deal with racism. They WILL have to deal with apathy, violence, crime, envy, drug abuse, classism, and the state of the environment. 

For now, if our desire is expedited change, we have to make a stand, make a sacrifice, and redirect our energies to efforts that produce positive, substantive change. 

These folks understood that: Jesus, MLK, Galileo, Malcolm, Gandhi, and  Benazir Bhutto. 

God Bless America-- It, our dreams, and the opportunity to pursue happiness are all we have to pass along to our progeny.  : ))