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6 Valuable Tips to Help You Pass the Illinois Private Detective/Security Contractor License Test

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Fact: The most challenging element of the Illinois licensing process is passing the exam with a 94% score. The test is 75 questions and a 70 is required to pass; that’s a 94%. With 90 minutes to take the test, applicants have an average of about 70 seconds to read, evaluate, and answer each question correctly. 

Main Tips:

1. Begin your preparation at least sixty (60) days before the final examination.  

2. Document your progress using this daily activity report.

3. Establish a regular time for practice. For example, before breakfast or lunch is ideal. Earlier in the day         is better. The closer to bed time, the more difficult it is to focus and fight off fatigue.

4. Stick to the schedule. Practice in short bursts rather than long cramming sessions. Shorter sessions help you stay energized and focused. Also, constantly altering your practice schedule will result in layoffs and missed opportunities. 

**Extra Tip: Treat your prep as marathon runner training. Marathoners have to build up to run 26 miles. 

**Extra Tip 2: Practice by the clock. Use a timer to help you stay focused.

5. Grade every test and record your results. This will help you identify your strong and weak areas. 

6. Your goal is to score 100% on every test. A 94% is required to pass the state exam (70 out of 75 questions). Every question matters.

7. Create a practice environment that matches the real test environment. No TV, no distractions, and use a clock to help keep your mind in the test taking zone. This technique helps you focus on the test by confronting your test taking anxiety before test day. 

8. Focus on one skill at a time. In other words, postpone or take a time out from guitar lessons, or other special projects until after the final exam.  

9. Create flash cards using the Q&As from this prep kit. Half way into your prep journey (Day 30) you will identify your strong and weak areas. From that point forward, focus on reducing your weak areas.

Additional Tips:

* Continue to read materials from your sources: Collins, Fischer, IDFPR rules and regs, etc. 

* While reading your source materials, mark up and highlight important sections. Don’t be afraid to write in    your books. This technique helps your retention level.

* Exercise increases brain activity and retention. Do some push ups or yoga or take a walk. This works!

* Don’t study when you’re tired. Has the opposite effect of exercise.

* Record yourself reading your materials out loud. Save and listen to these materials during your commute, or while walking or doing yoga.

*Keep your foot on the “gas” and stay focused until the final exam!!!  Remember, every question and answer matters!!!