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PJDA Offers an Exam Prep Kit and Coaching Service for Detective and Security Contractor Applicants

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Greetings Detective and Security Contractor Applicants! The above image is the hotel where your license exam will be held. 

The next state of Illinois private detective and security contractor licensing exams are Saturday, March 8th in Hillside, Illinois.

Please ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Do you know how challenging the state of Illinois private detective and security contractor license examination are?

2. Have you done as much as you can to prep for your exam?

3. If you don't pass your March 8th exam, will it cost more in lost business, opportunities, fees, etc. to wait another 6 months to try again?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, please take a minute and check out the details on my Exam Prep Kit and Coach Prep Service.




Prep Kit Details: 

My Prep Kit contains practice questions, study methods, tips and other tools which prepare you for the challenging state exams. I know how challenging they are because I failed my first test in 2011. I assumed my law enforcement background was enough to pass a 75 question test. It wasn't.

After failing, I modified my study prep to focus on three areas which I call "Hard Core Prep." Those 3 areas are: multiple practice exams, reading sources for concepts, and using flash cards. Using my 'Hard Core Prep method I took the test again in March 2012 and received a perfect score (see my exam sheet below).

My Kit contains methods that are simple and easy to use. However, my method requires dedication and consistency; That's why it's called "Hard Core Prep. The Prep Kit cost is $349; and comes on a CD or USB drive. All credit cards accepted. For more information, call or email me: 224.238.7848 /

Coach Prep Service Details:

My Coach Prep Service is to inspire and motivate you through your prep period. 

Prep Coach (me) begins Saturday morning, 01 February, and runs to Saturday, 01 March. During that time, I will provide positive support and encouragement. There are no required meetings. Our communication will occur via phone, text, and email. Our discussions will center on explanations, definitions and clarification regarding the final exam, all Qs&As, subject matter, concepts (i.e., Illinois criminal law, crime scene, JCAR, etc,), hard core prep, etc. 

The other element of “Prep Coach” is every Saturday I’ll send my folks a new, real-world 75 question practice test comprised of relevant source material. You will complete the test and return it to me via email or fax for grading and evaluation. Additionally, I’ll highlight weak areas (if any), and explain the concepts and principles related to the incorrect answers.

Remember, every question and answer matters! 

The benefits of Prep Coach are the same as with other coaches. I monitor your progress as you work, keep you focused and motivated with positive thoughts and “war” stories, and assist you with concepts and/or principles that are vague and unclear. Some folks like this technique, some don't need it. The cost is $299. If interested, or if you have any questions, please call or email me: 224.238.7848 /