Illinois Private Detective Prep Class Details:

There are five weeks remaining to register for the September 14th Private Detective License examination offered by the state of Illinois. The biggest obstacle for applicants wanted to obtain a PI license is the 75 question examination. 

My prep class enhances your chances of succeeding on the exam. Details below: 

1. Important Dates:
a. Tues., July 30th - Deadline to forward completed application for State examination.
b. Sat., August 3rd - First day of Private Detective Exam Prep Class
c. Sat., September 14th - State of Illinois Private Detective License examination in Hillside, Illinois
2. If interested in applying for the state examination on line, use the following link:

3. Over the Summer Homework. Read your Criminal Investigation textbook. 
a. Approximately half of the test question content comes from James Gilbert's Criminal Investigation, 8th Edition (2010) textbook. 
b. The text contains more than 500 pages and 19 chapters. 
c. Forty of the 75 test questions come from this source. 
d. This means at least 50% of your score comes from this one source. 
e. Now is the time to start reading this material.  

4. Important tip about Gilbert's Textbook. Many folks who have already read GIlbert's text noticed his content and philosophy differ from what we here in Illinois have experienced in the "real world." This creates a hazard for you because during the test you will be tempted to rely on your personal experience when answering questions. 

Here's my point - During your exam selecting the "best choice" means selecting the Gilbert answer. We'll go over this in detail during class. 

5. Additional class room mid week. In addition to our Saturday class room time, we'll be getting together online mid week. Our method for meeting will be via Skype or another method. (More details later) The purpose and benefit of meeting mid week is your  exam success will depend on you building your retention skills as you get closer to the "Final Exam." (The "Final" is your state test on September 14th.) 

Consequently, we'll have some pop quizzes and other exercises between our Saturday sessions; and we'll do it via Skype or another method. For those unfamiliar with using it, Skype is a inexpensive and powerful way to get together over long distances. For those with little experience with Skype, no worries. I'll get you up to speed without difficulty. 

6. Powerpoints (PPT). Beginning 8/03, you'll be assigned to complete some PPTs on test topic content. The topics will include: Chapters from Gilbert, Illinois eavesdropping laws, bribery, privacy laws, burglary, JCAR rules for IL PIs, etc. 

Important: In your PPTs, you'll also create and include your own questions and answers. The value of these PPTs are creating them  helps you master the material; and simultaneously share your observations, and Q&As with fellow students. If interested, please contact me via email to obtain and view two power point presentations:  

7. Every Question and Answer Matters. My philosophy for taking competency tests is to treat every question and answer as important. During this study group, we take no Q&A for granted. From now on, until you pass the test on 9/14 you're going to hear me repeat that over, and over, and over. 

Consider these facts:
a. There are 75 Qs on the state exam. You need to get 70 Qs correct to pass.
b. The means you need a passing score of 93% to pass. 
c. That also means you must get an "A" to pass. In most college-level exams, usually you only need a 68-70% to pass. (Not here.)
d. The state exam is 90 minutes long. 
e. With 75 questions, you must average about 65 seconds evaluating each question (the easy ones and the hards!).

Friends, every question and answer matters!!!

8.  Attachments. I've attached a few sources we'll use during the class. Once class starts all of our materials will be available for you to use and download at anytime. Later I'll cover how to effectively use these test prep tips and strategies.
a. Illinois Handbook of State Government
b. Privacy Laws (US and Illinois Constitutions) 
c. The Investigative Method PPT (Gilbert)

9. Summary. My goal with this email message is to emphasize that preparation is your important and most effective tool for passing this test. 
Passing doesn't require a hi IQ, prior law enforcement experience, or an uncle in state government.