PJDA offers a Junior Detective Workshop for Junior High and High School-aged Aspiring Detectives

I’m a retired State Police Investigative Commander and I own the Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc.

(Me in 2006, before I retired from the Illinois State Police)          










(Here I am in my private detective office in the Elgin Tower.)

I'm a real detective and I developed this Jr. Detective Workshop to show Junior High and High School-aged students how a real detective solves mysteries and locate wanted persons.

In this Jr. Detective Workshop, young people are introduced to the interesting and challenging world of solving mysteries and “WhoDunnits.” We cover techniques used to identify offenders, crime scene investigation, the qualities of a good detective, and how science is used to investigate crime.

The workshops are designed for two groups: Group I: 9-12 year olds, and Group II: 13-17 year olds. The workshops are fun, interesting, and challenging. 

 Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Introduction to basic investigation techniques 
  • Multiple types of investigations methods (criminal, surveillance, traffic accident, etc) 
  • How to find and collect evidence
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Photography, note-taking skills, & interviewing 

 The Workshop will be conducted in my Downtown Elgin Office, 40 DuPage Court, Suite 401.

(Pics of my Private Detective office.)

Training Room

Inner Office (Top),  Outer Office (Below)