Review of Valuable Resource Company's Presentation of Taboo Topics - Excellent!

As I private detective, I perform workplace investigations involving matters such as unexplained losses of productivity, shrinkage, employee misconduct, investigating safety and security breaches, and protecting trade secrets and intellectual property. Business owners and decision makers attempt to resolve these matters while minimizing disruptions in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are other topics that require just as much, if not more, attention.

"Taboo Topics - Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace"

Recently, to enhance my knowledge of workplace harassment and discrimination issues, I attended a human resource-related educational presentation conducted by Ms. Laurie Huspen (Valuable Resource Company). Ms. Huspen's presentation was titled, "Taboo Topics - Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace." The focus of the presentation is educating attendees about how to recognize, respond to, and prevent workplace harassment and discrimination. The 90 minute presentation addressed these specific taboo topics: age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Ms. Huspen's ( material was presented in a very interesting manner. She collaborated with "The Mystery Shop," a traveling theatre group, who performed realistic role play scenarios covering all the taboo topics. Mystery Shop owner (, Ms. Mary Heitert's actors gave authentic and professional characterizations of all the taboo topics.

 After each mini scenario, Ms. Huspen engaged with us attendees to exchange ideas, hear our concerns and personal experiences, as well as offer appropriate suggestions for future situations. Additionally, in a positive and non-judgemental manner, she provided interpretation and clarification regarding applicable federal and state laws. Ms. Huspen is definately a subject matter expert regarding human resource matters!

Additionally, I found Ms. Huspen's warm, friendly, and positive interpersonal communication style very appropriate for the topic: workplace harassment and discrimination.  I also give her credit for addressing taboo topic areas which are subtle, or lay within "grey" areas; and are not "over the top" obvious.  

For business owners and investigators, this 90 minute program is very helpful in identifying the types of behaviors, actions, and reactions that may have occurred preceeding a harassment/discrimination allegation and investigation.

Furthermore, I absolutely recommend this presentation to anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of workplace harassment and discrimination issues!