Internet Investigations Seminar at Judson University - A Success!!!

As many people know, the Internet is a common search tool that is used for all types of searches. Currently, the Internet offers two types of search tools: free and paid.

Google is widely known as a free, common source for researching all subjects, people, places, and things. However, Google isn't the only source. In fact, it seems like more companies are offering search tools over the Internet. For investigators, a significant distinction is whether the search tools are free or pay.  

On March 28-29, 2013, Mike Bazzell (, conducted a Two-Day Seminar at Judson University in Elgin on how to use open source techniques to enhance investigations. Mike, an Alton, IL Detective, is currently assigned to the FBI, is an expert in using open source (free) techniques to enhance investigations.

Seminar attendees included a cross section of investigators from state and local law enforcement, corporate investigations, corrections, private detectives, police intelligence analysts, public defender's office, and a Chicago attorney. Detective Bazzell demonstrated how to use free resources from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Bing Maps, and other sources to enhance criminal, administrative, and civil investigations. He also demonstrated how to locate a target's personal information (addresses, videos, photos, phone #s, email, etc.). 


To complement the training material, Detective Bazzell also taught attendees how to protect and hide their identity while searching the Internet. During one presentation, he demonstrated how some well-known, and unknown companies track users based on the user's Internet activity. For example, he showed how companies track users; and then transmit the user's data - automatically and instaneously - other tracking companies. 

The Two-Day seminar was fast-paced, informative, and filled with tips, techniques, and demos of how to use the techniques. As expected, Mike delivered content that was valuable, meaningful, and surprising! As the seminar wrapped up, Mike received excellent reviews from attendees for his materials and presentation. 

As a result of the excellent attendee response and their reviews of Mike's presentation, Mike will conduct another Two_day Seminar November 20 and 21, 2013. Register via email to reserve a seat: or 224.238.7848. $199 per person.

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