How to Become a licensed PI in Illinois

PIs (private investigators) in Illinois are state-licensed and legally authorized to perform investigations for a fee.

PIs work at corporations such as the Arena Football League, Apple, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Securitas, Inc. PIs also work as independent contractors for organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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PIs locate missing persons and heirs, recover lost and stolen assets, and perform fraud and due diligence investigations. PIs also provide armed and unarmed personal protection services for their clients.

In Illinois PIs are called private detectives and are licensed by the State of Illinois. An Illinois licensed PI can be self-employed, operate a detective agency, or work for other companies. Some licensed PIs lease their licenses to other companies.

In Illinois, there are four steps to becoming a licensed PI. The most important and challenging step is passing the State of Illinois license examination. The 75 question exam includes material on the Illinois and the US Constitutions, Illinois criminal laws, privacy laws, Illinois private detective administrative rules, and investigations-related content from a criminal investigations textbook. A passing score of 93% is required.

The State of Illinois offers this test twice a year: March and September. The next test is 03/09/13. 

The Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc offers prep classes and personal tutoring to help applicants prepare for the state examination. 

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