Want to become a PI in Illinois?

 The first step in becoming a licensed private detective in Illinois is passing the twice-yearly test offered through Continental Testing. The next Illinois Private Detective License test is Saturday, March 9, 2013 in Hillside, Illinois. Passing the test is the the most difficult hurdle to becoming a licensed private detective in Illinois. A 93% is needed to pass the 75 question test. The test covers mulitple areas; and does not favor any specific career background.

The questions come from three source areas: Criminal Investigation, 8th Edition, by James Gilbert (53%), Illinois and U.S. laws (31%), and Illinois licensing and busniess practices (16%).  

Applicants who fail the test can reapply and test again as long as they meet the application requirements and pay the $291 application fee.

PJDA, Inc offers a five session, 15 hour class to help applicants prep for the exam. Our motto is "Every question and answer matters!" As a result, during this prep course no questions or answers are taken for granted.

Presently, we are half way through our prep session; with hree sessions to go. If you're interested in some prep assistance call our office: 224.238.7848.