Score 1 for a poor, inner city, minority youth, and his family!!!

Today, justice prevailed in a Cook County, IL court room on the West Side of Chicago. I had the opportunity to assist in a criminal defense investigation of an aggravated battery incident. After a day-long trial, the judge found the Defendant not guilty. 

Among the case’s key issues were whether the Victim and witnesses could accurately identify the offender(s) on a cold, winter night, in a park that was dimly lit. Additionally, the Defendant possessed a strong alibi for the time the incident occurred. 

During the police investigation, the Victim and witnesses told the police they recognized the Defendant because they saw him playing basketball on the Kilbourn Park basketball court. 

After reviewing the case facts the Defendant’s Attorney surmised it would be difficult for anyone to discern individuals based on the distance (100 yards) between the basketball court and the park bench where the incident occurred; especially at night. 

Per request of the Defense Counsel, I conducted a scene survey of Kilbourn Park, which included measuring the distance between the bench and the basketball court. The actual distance was 431 feet. During my scene survey I also documented the location of three mature trees which be possible view obstructions. 

To locate and accurately document these potential view obstructions and other objects, I used the Coordinate Measuring Method. The Coordinate Method uses a permanent Reference Point (RP), right angles and two measurements for every spot of evidence. The actual measurements are captured on field notes, and subsequently added to a 5-column chart with the following headings: Item, North, South, East and West. 

Next, I entered my measurements into a Mac-compatible software drawing application called IDraw by Using the IDraw application I was able to create multi-layered scale drawings of the incident scene. 

After all the measurements were entered, I was able to add and remove objects, highlight items and distances by color, and increase the size of the drawing while maintaining the accurate relative positions of the objects. And finally, I was able to take a copy of the file to a commercial copier (Officemax) to obtain an enlargement suitable for court presentation.

Consequently, my firm used our investigative expertise in a search for the truth resulted in an saving an innocent young man from becoming another sad statistic in the criminal justice system.

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