When and Why to Choose a Private Detective

Many folks have misconceptions about what a PI does. And, I'm not talking about the Magnum PIs, Sam Spade, or other ficitional PIs. I must say I am no longer surprised by the looks I receive when I meet new people and tell them what I do.

First, when they ask what I do my standard reply is, "I help truth seekers find answers and solutions." Next, I add that I'm a private detective. And that's when I see the eye rolls, smirks, and giggles!

It's at that point I feel compelled to explain that PIs do a lot more than follow suspected cheating spouses.

My firm (The Paladin Jordan Detective Agency) focuses on assisting people who are frustrated and truly feel like they have no where else to turn. Often, before contacting me, prospective Clients have attempted to resolve matters and issues on their own.

These folks tell me they sought advice and assistance by talking to friends, family, and others. And, they have tried the police. With each attempt, they were unsuccessful.

This is the purview, jurisdiction, and "sweet spot" of the professional, licensed, and ethical private investigator. 

Client Services:

To provide the best service for our Clients and prospective Clients, I use active listening skills to ensure I understand the Client's dilemma, situation, and/or objective.

With every prospective Client, I ask and seek the answers to these questions:

1. What type of service or assistance do you need? The purpose of this question is to ensure that the requested service is investigations-related, legal, and requires the services of a paid investigator. In other words, if, after I fully understand your issue, I believe you can accomplish your objective on your own, without hiring me or any private detective, I will tell you. I will also offer suggestions, that might save you time, money and frustration.

2. What work has been done or attempted thus far, and by whom? The purpose of this question is to see what work has been done, as well as why the work or service was not helpful or successful. My objective is to assist you. If I can assist you by directing you to an appropriate organization, individual, or government agency, without you hiring me, I will. Before retiring from the Illinois State Police, one assignment I had was as a shift commander. In that assignment, shift commanders are considered subject matter experts. Their primary task is to act as a facilitator. I fielded calls daily from folks seeking assistance but not sure where to find it or search for it. I do the same job now- everyday. If you're unsure where to turn, call me. Let's discuss it.  

3. What is your timetable and budget? The timetable question is important because addressing your issue may conflict with my schedule. If the issue is an emergency, I may have to shift, or delay case work or other duties to assist you. If that's the case, my fee will be higher. The budget issue is related to that as well. If your issue requires extensive field work, research or staffing, it may be too expensive for you to address right now. 

Below are some examples of cases where a private detective may be the best choice:


  • Searching for a Child Support Violator: If you and your children are owed money from a child support claim, and you don't know where the child support violator is, a private detective can help you locate him.
  • Elderly Relative is a victim of abuse and/or financial exploitation: I can assist you by explaining what the police and state's attorney will need to prosecute this type of offense. As a former state police investigator, I know the law, have contacts in most police departments, and can explain the criminal justice process to you.
  • You're a business owner and you suspect an employee of theft, misconduct or other offense. Many times business owners prefer to obtain just enough evidence to terminate an employee while protecting their company from allegations of wrongful termination. As a former internal affairs investigator and supervisor, I can guide you through a workplace investigation. Addtionally, I can provide your company an objective, professionally conducted internal investigation that wil withstand any court challenge.
  • You're a defendant in a criminal case and you need to locate and interview witnesses to prove your case. Many people don't want to get involved- in anything. Even if their work, assistance or observations, don't cost them anything, they are still reluctant to get involved. That's why it's  important to use the services of a professional investigator who uses the right skills and techniques to obtain meaningful statements from witnesses. 



  • Member, American Society for Industrial Security, International
  • Member, National Association of Professional Background Screeners
  • Member, Illinois State Police Retired State State Troopers Association
  • Member, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Member, Society of Human Resource Management


  • Illinois Private Detective License: 115.002316
  • Illinois Private Detective Agency License: 117.001646
  • Two American Society for Industrial Security, International certifications: Profesional Certified Investigator (PCI) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • State-certified Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist (PTB91244)