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How to Use an Infidelity-Focused PI Investigation; In other words, don’t pay for information you already have.


Regularly, the Paladin Jordan Detective Agency (PJDA, Inc), receives inquiries regardinginfidelity investigations. Callers and clients have ranged in age up to 75. Issues related to cheating, infidelity, and trust are always a source of frustration and heartache for clients. Over the years I’ve seen some common threads and elements among these cases. 

They include:  

1.) The Requester has observed behavior they believe is consistent with being unfaithful: increased time away from family, secrecy, coveting cell phone and activity, change in intimacy, lies and denials, etc.  

2.) The Requester has caught the suspected cheater in obvious lying and farfetched alibi claims.

3.) The suspected cheater replies to accusations by claiming the Requester is acting irrational, is totally wrong, is too sensitive, paranoid, jealous, etc.   

4.) The suspected cheater has previously been unfaithful, and/or engaged in similar conduct. 

5.) The couple’s physical relationship is dramatically different since the suspected behavior was first noticed. 

6.) The suspected cheater’s emotional connection to the Requester is often indifferent, passive, inconsistent, un-empathetic, not loving, and robotic. 

7.) The Requester believes their instincts are accurate, while their observations are questionable. They seek confirmation and closure.

8.) The Requester wants to learn who the paramour is and confront the person. 

9.) The Requester seeks clear evidence of the infidelity; such as photos, text messages, emails, videos, etc., or a confession. 

Main Challenges for Client:

Unlike what is depicted in movies and TV shows, capturing clear evidence of infidelity requires time, patience, planning, money, and stealth. Of these elements, the most important are stealth and patience. Stealth is defined as the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly. 

Stealth is needed to observe the cheater’s behavior secretly before the cheater changes their routine and/or discards evidence. Unfortunately, for many clients it is challenging to continue to pretend everything is “okay” while the cheater continues to lie to you, blame you, and think they’re smarter than you.  

Patience is important because it is needed by the Client to avoid revealing the investigation to the cheater while the cheater’s activities, behaviors, and alibis are reviewed and documented. 

Once you and your PI’s investigative plan is created and the operation is executed, it won’t be long before you can learn the truth.  

Guess what?! Even after you learn the truth, maintaining stealth my be a good idea. Here are two reasons why: 

1.) You may learn the suspected cheater is in engaged in activities which were not suspected. Example, you may learn the behavior is gambling, drugs, or criminal activity, or something harmless, embarrassing or altruistic. 

Tip: Look at your investigative operation as a CIA agent would. You have uncovered the truth; and proven that YOU are the smartest and most rational and logical person in your relationship. 

All I’m saying is consider not revealing your superior intelligence and resourcefulness for the short term benefit of shaking your finger in the cheater’s face and saying, “I told you so!”

The reason is because you might want to employ these skills and resources again—soon.  

Best Practices

The best way to use your investigation dollars in an infidelity investigation is to search for information that you DON”T already have and DO need. In other words, if your marriage or relationship is at risk due to infidelity, your relationship may be over. 

Consequently, it’s time to focus on you and your family’s future; especially your financial future. To protect your future financial security, you need to uncover all the assets previously unknown by you or unreported by your partner. 

At some point (very soon) you will want to locate and examine all the assets you and your partner accumulated together during your relationship. If you haven’t considered this before, now is the time. Seriously. You are entitled to a fair and equitable share of your combined assets. 


1.) Using Stealth:

a.) Start collecting copies of your partner’s financial account statements, account numbers, credit card statements, gas cards, Tollway records, debit cards, etc. This includes membership cards, healthclub accounts, even the Boy Scouts. No information is considered irrelevant until you have reviewed it.  

b.) Obtain multiple months of account records. You may need to calculate and determine monthly and yearly deposits and withdrawals. 

c.) Be aware that some people create “Rathole” cash accounts that are used to hide money. These funds may be temporarily and discreetly passed on to others (family, friends and paramours, etc) to hold.     

d.) Collect SSNs and other identifiers of close friends and family members. You can search for bank accounts and balances in another’s name if you have their identifiers. 

e.) If you learn there is a previously unknown bank account in an obscure location which may be linked to your partner, your attorney may be able to convince the judge to issue a subpoena for copies of the monthly statements. After reviewing the statements you may learn where, the exact amounts, and to whom those funds were transferred. 

e.) Collect copies of deeds, bills of sale, etc for real property, assets, and vehicle titles. The dates, amounts, and witness names and contact details contained within these records are important to refute a claim or assertion by your partner.  

f.) Document all user names and passwords for all online accounts, social media accounts, employer online portals, etc.  

g.) Document the first and last names of your partner’s friends, busniess partners, coworkers, supervisors, direct reports, etc. This will be important if you need to verify or search for salary history, pension details, bonuses, etc. Make sure to obtain your partner’s work ID number and work email addresses, too.

h.) Store your collected, sensitive documents in a bank safety deposit box. Don’t assume your information is safe in your work desk or locker, your vehicle, a shoe box under your bed, or trunk of your car. Don’t rely on your mom or sister’s house either. Safety deposit boxes are designed to protect your valuables and your privacy. 

***If your information is lost, or found by a nosey partner, you won’t get another opportunity to use it tactically for your financial future.*** 

i.) Consult with an attorney before you need one. Always be methodical in your planning, preparation, and execution. Learn from the attorney what your rights are and what you’re entitled to in a divorce. 

j.) Here are three things I’ve learned about attorneys. They are all expensive, there is a big difference in the quality of their representation, and some lack good communication skills. 

k.) Before hiring an attorney, speak discreetly with many folks who have hired an attorney. I’m sure you have friends, relatives, and colleagues you trust who will be happy to share with you their feelings about their attorney experience. 

The most common complaint I hear from my clients who complain about their attorneys are their fees and their poor communication skills. 

Example, I have a client who hired an attorney for a divorce and to learn where her husband was hiding his real estate sale proceeds. Now, 12 months later, after paying the attorney $14,000, she’s still not divorced, and is contemplating staying in the marriage because she’s depleted her “household money” paying the attorney. Now she’s frustrated because she can’t afford to continue fighting her husband in court while paying her attorney $300/hr.    

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

1.) Don’t rush your investigation and don’t allow any PI to rush you into an service agreement or contract. Investigations have a greater chance for success when the client and investigator take enough time to review the case elements, the targets, and objectives. 

2.) Don’t assume your investigation will proceed like investigations depicted on “reality TV” and in movies. Few real cases occur with a PI bursting into a motel room and snapping pictures or video of paramours naked in bed. More often incriminating evidence is that which catches the target in a lie or disputes an alibi statement; and leads to an admission by the cheater.    

3.) Be careful who you share your infidelity suspicions with. Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust with sensitive information. The more people you share your suspicions with, the greater the chance the information will get back to the suspected cheater. 

4.) Approach your search for the truth as a CIA Agent not a Paparazzi looking for quick win and instant gratification. 

Contact licensed Private Detective

Paladin “Pj” Jordan PCI, CPP

via Voice and Text Message: 

312.600.0311 and 779.227.7337


en Espanol: 224.228.2338.  


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Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor Exam Preparation Tips

Greetings Friends and Colleagues. Below is some coaching tips and methods that will bolster your retention of your study materials and help you pass your Illinois Private Security Contractor and/or Private Detective License exam. 

I assist my clients by focusing on the following: 

1.) Online, "real-world" simulated Pop Quizzes that are timed and scored.

2.) Constant coaching reminders and motivators.

3.) Simplifications and clarifications on confusing and/or unique subject matter areas. 

4.) Multiple Saturday morning group and one-to-one tutoring sessions.

5.)  Prep Coach Pj's Study Tips and Ideas

First, your testing application deadline for the security contractor and detective exams is Friday, February 2, 2018. All applications must be submitted by that date to be eligible for the March 14, 2018 test. The test cost is $298.

To maximize your chance of passing your exam, you will need to read the books assigned as sources for your Examination. For the private detective test your book is Gilbert's Criminal Investigation, 8th Edition. For the security contractor test your books are: Fischer's Introduction to Security and Collins' Principles of Security and Crime Prevention.

It is extremely important to read these books.

Reason: Half of the answers on your tests will come directly from these sources. Plus, you will maximize your retention of the study materials when you combine reading the books with taking our PJDA Prep Kit practice tests.

To keep my clients focused on their test prep, I will be sending you random, online practice tests. FYI: Just like your college professors, I also receive a copy of your results every time you take a test. That means I know when you take the tests, how you did, and what are your strong and weak areas. 

Okay. Here are some fresh prep coaching tips:  

Prep Coach Tip 1: Take the online tests multiple times. This means 2,3 or more times at each opportunity. Print a copy of your results to track and document your strong and weak areas. Over time our goal is to ID and reduce your weak areas.  

Benefit: The more you take the tests, the more you become familiar with the material. Remember, you must answer all questions from the author's perspective - not your prior work experience or knowledge. The more familiar you are with the materials, the less time you need to interpret similar or confusing questions and concepts you encounter on during your "Final Exam." 

Remember on Exam Day you will have about 65 seconds to read, interpret, and answer each question. If you have to spend more time using the process of elimination on difficult questions, you may run out of time to answer all the questions. 

Prep Coach Tip 2: If possible, schedule one or two days off prior to your Exam. 

Benefit: You will use this time to review your materials and clear your mind of distractions and matters unrelated to your Exam. Plus, you can use this time to make sure you know where the Exam venue is, how to get there on time, if your car needs servicing, and make sure you have all the materials needed for your test. Remember, the test is a hurdle you must overcome to proceed with your future. Failure means delaying your goals at least 6 months; not to mention the economic costs related to failure.

One more thing. I'm proud to have the opportunity to assist you! I am humbled that you have faith in me and pay me your hard-earned dollars to help you achieve your dream. I don't take this opportunity for granted. I understand your dream of being your own boss and controlling your destiny. I have shared the same dreams and philosophy. I believe we are all like-minded individuals. 

Consequently, I'd like to share a quotation that describes the challenge we are face: "A man (or woman) is known not by their special exertions but their habitual acts." Blaise Pasqual. Think of Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt the Stilt scored 99 points in one basketball game. No one has ever repeated that accomplishment. MJ averaged 30 points per game for his entire career. 

Your challenge is to devote regular, meaningful study time to preparing for and passing your "Final Exam." To pass this Exam you must develop good habits that lead to spending some regular time to reading your books and practicing the tests.  

All right friends. That's it for now. All the best to You and stay safe and healthy!

Moms of Missing Persons

Moms of Missing Persons Support Group Meeting Held at PJDA in Elgin

Saturday, March 18, 2017 we held the first meeting of the Moms of Missing Persons Support Group. Of the five guests, three were moms who experienced the trauma and despair of having their children taken. During the meeting, the moms listened to, and shared with the group, how they coped with the sudden loss of their children.


Each mom's story was different; with some similar elements. One mom's teen daughter was kidnapped and recovered a short time later. Another mom's toddler son was kidnapped by his father and taken to another country. The mom, 19 at the time, pursued her son's father into the other country, and got her son back. A third mom's teen daughter disappeared without a trace--blocks away from her quiet, suburban home. The teen is still missing. 


Each mom's story was compelling, heartbreaking, and emotional. Each mom's story had similarities with the others; such as indifference and a lack of urgency by some local law enforcement officials. All the moms admitted they and their families are still coping with serious consequences and after-effects related to their child's ordeal. 


The main goal of the Moms of Missing Persons Support Group is to provide an opportunity for moms of missing persons to find, communicate with, and support each other. Only moms of the missing can fully understand what it feels like to have a child stolen from; whether the child is 2 or 22 years old. 


Another goal is creating a partnership to improve the way cases are investigated (by law enforcement and others); and concurrently, increase missing persons recoveries. This group of Moms of missing persons are determined and like-minded. They are uniquely "qualified" to offer genuine ideas, sensitivity, and "real-world" experience about how missing persons cases ought to be investigated and managed. No one is more invested in solutions and positive outcomes of missing persons cases than these moms. 


In summary, all the moms agreed that the following issues require attention:

1. Improve law enforcement training on handling missing persons cases.

2.) Law enforcement needs to improve the way they communicate with victims and their families. 

3.) Inter-agency communication and investigations need better coordination because victims may be moved to other jurisdictions to prevent their recovery. 

4.) Policies and/or training should be established to eliminate investigator/first responder bias and subjectivity when interacting with victims, family members and the media. 

5.) Investigators should partner/collaborate with family members, witnesses and others to improve the efficiency of missing person investigations; and victim recovery.    


At the conclusion of this meeting, all the attendees agreed to participate in future meetings to develop ideas that address the five (5) issues above.  

For more information or to RSVP for the next meeting contact PJ Jordan. Email: info@pjda.net or office: 779.227.7337. 

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IL Private Detective & Security Contractor License Application Deadline is 01/29/16

The deadline for submitting private detective and security contractor license applications is Friday, January 29, 2016. The next test date is Saturday, March 12, 2016. Thus, there are about 50 days remaining until test day.

With less than two months to go, it's time to begin what I call "Hard Core Prep." Hard Core Prep is serious, priority one test preparation. 

The first step in Hard Core Prep is to honestly answer these questions:

1.) Based on your current study methods what are your strong subject matter areas? ANSWER: If your answer is Gilbert, or Fischer and Collins material, you're doing well! These sources will account for 50% of the test questions you'll confront on test day.  

2.) Based on your current study methods what are your weak areas? ANSWER: Conversely, if your weak areas are Gilbert or Fischer and Collins, you need to focus on these areas. 

3.) Which of the subject matter sources do you still find confusing? ANSWER: If you're struggling with security or investigation principles covered in the sources, recall that these sources will be on your test. The test will NOT challenge you on your past and current work experiences. Even though what you read may be contrary to your personal experience, concentrate on the source materials.  Here are the subject matter areas for each test: a.) Private Detectives: Gilbert's Criminal Investigation Text, Illinois Criminal and Civil Law, U.S. Constitution, and the JCAR Rules. b.) Private Security Contractors: Fischer's Introduction to Security, Collins' Principles of Security, Illinois Criminal and Civil Law, U.S. Constitution, and the JCAR Rules.   

4.) Which prep and study methods have you used the most? ANSWER: You will NOT retain the source material if you stay in your COMFORT ZONE. In other words, vary your study methods, dive into difficult material, and challenge yourself.  My Hard Core Prep consists of reading, practice Q&As, flash cards, listening to audio files, real-world testing, and getting out of your comfort zone.    

5.) How much time per week do you devote to serious prep and study? ANSWER: Material x Method (n) x Time (1.5) = Test Day Success. In this equation I'm stating that the more material, the more methods used, and the amount of prep time multiplied by 150% equals test day success.     

6.) Have you taken the test before? ANSWER: If you have taken the test you have an idea what to expect. If you're honest with yourself, you'll use this information to adjust your prep for the next test. If this will be your first attempt, you'll overestimate your chances for success because the test is ONLY 75 questions and you ONLY need a 70% to pass. 

Either way, it's important to maximize your test prep time. Take advantage of the time you have left to prepare. Contact PJDA today and obtain your Prep Kit. 224.238.7848 / email: info@pjda.net. Your time is too valuable to have to wait another six months if you don't pass in March.  


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**Breaking News** Buy A Prep Kit by 12/12/15, Pass Your Test and Get a Refund!

That's true! Buy my Prep Kit before December 12, 2015, pass your test on March 12, 2016, and I'll refund $50 of your Prep Kit Fee. It's a win-win proposition. 

Rationale: "w = f * d".  This is a physics equation which means "work equals force times distance." This is one of the first equations I learned in traffic crash reconstruction training at Northwestern University. Simply, it means more energy is expended the longer/further you do something intensely. In the context of test preparation, it means it the more you work, and the longer you work, the more you improve your chance of passing your test. 

My goal is to help you pass your test. The best way to pass your test is to increase the amount of time you spend preparing and to increase the intensity of your study methods. Ideally, you should spend 3 month on study prep. December 12, 2015 is 3 months from the state of Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor license examinations.

Proposal: If you buy my Prep Kit before 12/12/15 and pass your test on 03/12/16, I will give you a $50 refund. This is a win-win because when you pass your test I get to claim a role in helping you pass. The added benefit for you is your Prep Kit cost is reduced by $50.

My Kits come with more than practice Q&As. The Kit includes: test-taking tips, a private, one-on-one tutoring session, follow-up coaching from now until your test, online practice quizzes, and more.

My Detective and Security Contractor Kits are $389 if you buy directly from me; and $399 via Amazon.com.

Don't delay. Contact me at 224.238.7848 or email: info@pjda.net.  



 When I was learning physics in traffic crash reconstruction training, In learning physics to The more time and effort you devote to study prep the better your chances of passing the test. 

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New for 2016: Private Tutoring Sessions Added to License Exam Prep Kits

Do you know what kind of learner are you? Do you learn quicker and retain content longer when you're part of a classroom group or one-on-one with your instructor? Some folks learn better by sharing their experiences and engaging with other like-minded students. Others learn better by interacting privately with an instructor--minus the distractions present in a classroom of other students. And some folks learn better working by themselves, at their own pace.

There are positives and negatives associated with all three learning methods. 

My Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor License Exam Prep Kits are designed to help all three types of learners pass their licensing examinations.  

Both My Prep Kits include: 

1.) Real questions and answers that I've created from the source materials. I have Q&As from the Fischer, Collins and Gilbert text books, the Illinois Criminal Law and Civil law, the JCAR, and the state and federal constitutions.

2.) Online practice quizzes to help you practice taking the tests as many times as you like. The quizzes are separated into categories so you can identify your strong and weak areas. After you know your weak areas, you should focus on them more as you get closer to the test. 

3.) Audio files that contain study materials. Use these materials to listen to the content while you're working out, commuting to work, etc. 

4.) New for 2016. I've added one free, 60 minute private tutoring session. We can meet in my office or any other location. We'll go over all the materials or focus on any topic you prefer. 

5.) Last, but, probably the most important element of my Kit is personal coaching and motivation. One reason many people fail is that they don't devote enough time to study. I will stay with you until the test occurs. What that means is that I will be checking in, offering tips, answering questions about the test and materials, and pushing you--hard! 

My motto is "Every Question and Answer Matters!" 

This is what I've learned about the state of Illinois license tests: Even though you only need a 70% on a 75 question test to pass, many folks underestimate the test material, and push their preparation time to the side. It happened to me too. I failed the test because I assumed I could pass it with a 70. I was wrong. Guess what? After I failed I realized I had to wait another six months to try again. That was hard!

Don't wait, and don't assume you can pass this test without serious preparation. If you do, you'll be risking your success, and you might have to put your plans off another six months. 

You can purchase my Detective or Security Contractor Prep Kits today for $389 each. 

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Private Detective and Private Security Contractor Licensing Tests are 30 Days Away.

Greetings Friends, 

Well, we have 30 days remaining until your test. Now it is time to bear down and really focus. 

First, let's discuss what's at stake for you. 

1.) Obviously, if you don't pass you have to postpone your plans another six months. 

2.) Second, if others are depending on you passing, that may create additional anxiety for you. I point this out not to add additional pressure, but just to "keep it real." It's important to pass this time.

3.) You have all the tools you need to prepare. Your most important tool is yourself. If you don't pass, your self-confidence will be deflated for a while. It took me a month to get over not passing. 

Okay, now let's focus on the positive. These are the things that will happen after you pass:

1.) You will breath a huge sigh of relief. (You will be smiling inside and outside.) 

2.) You will be able to discard all your study materials. You won't need them again-ever.

3.) You can go on to the next steps which are easy. 

4.) You will have your evenings and weekends free again for other endeavors. : )) 

So, to pass your test, you need to stay focused. Don't let up. Don't slow down, don't take your foot off the gas. What separates people who pass from people who don't is the time you devote to serious study. 

I will share a paraphrased quote from my colleague and friend Dennis Quiles, CPP, Worldwide Director of Security for McDonald's Corporation.

Dennis regularly volunteers to ASIS by giving study and prep tips during his security-related presentations to our ASIS Chicago CPP Study Group attendees. 

During his presentation, Dennis always closes his remarks by telling the attendees: "You must take time to study if you want to pass. Get away from the TV, the kids, and other distractions." It's only a temporary condition. But you will not pass if you don't commit the time to preparation.” 

Next, I want to share some observations learned along the way:

1.) During your state test you will not see all the same questions you have been studying. The reason is because the state test is only 75 questions. About half of the questions will cover content from Gilbert (Detective) or Fischer and Collins (Security). 

That means 35-40 questions covering all the potential test topics from your text books. ***The reason the test is challenging is because we don't know which questions the state will decide to include on your test.*** 

Consequently, you have to be familiar with multiple topics, concepts, terms, definitions, laws, etc. 

Reality Check 1. You may only see a handful of questions that you recognize. Maximize your chance for success by taking the practice tests-regularly. 

2.) Focus on your weak areas. Don't avoid your weak areas because they're boring or "hard." Confront your weak areas to reduce them and transform them into strong areas. 

Reality Check 2. If you don't confront your weak areas, you will fail. Another reason the test is challenging is because the subject matter comes from 4 or 5 sources. 

3.) Use multiple study methods to increase your retention. Don't just rely on reading. You need to read, create flash cards, do practice quizzes, make notes in the margins, and reflect and relate the topics to your own experience. 

Reality Check 3. Don't just study using traditional methods. Create your own audio files and flash cards. Ask your spouse to quiz you. Study multiple topics at the same time. Even though it may feel weird, it’s an effective retention method. 

My example is shaving and brushing my teeth with my left hand. I'm right-handed. I always feel uncomfortable when I use my left. 

Also, when I run long runs, I always feel like I can barely get back home. My legs are wobbly, I'm bent over, and totally exhausted. However, the ironic thing about work and the human body is, the more you challenge it, the better it improves. 

Additional materials coming. This weekend I will send my folks updates to the practice tests and a new mp3 audio update. The mp3 will contain additional interpretations of Illinois criminal law. There are some new laws to be aware of. One is revenge porn and the others include changes to the eavesdropping law. I will discuss these in the update. Any questions, let me know. 

Remember, every question and answer matters!

Get your Prep Kit Today for $379. Contact Pj Jordan at info@pjda.net or text: 847.752.6057

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Our latest edition to our state of Illinois Private Security Contractor and Private Detective Prep Kits is now available. I call them  "Online Flash Cards." These practice exams and quizzes provide a real-world test-taking experience. 

There are multiple benefits to these Online Flash Cards:

  • Exams are timed.
  • Exams cover all study guide materials.
  • Always available and Unlimited practice opportunities.
  • No additional cost. 


Illinois Private Security Contract and Private Detective Exam Prep Kits:  $379

Obtain your Prep Kit today. For immediate download contact Pj Jordan

224.238.7848 or email: info@pjda.net

Try This Online Flash Card Sample:

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Quantity Does Equal Quality

Exam Prep Kit, Illinois License Prep kit

With 4 Weeks to Go It's Hard Core Prep Time!!!

Greetings Friends, 

     It's the day after Valentine's Day, and we're in serious count down mode now. The next state of Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor Exams are March 14, 2015. It's time to bear down, focus and begin our Hard Core Prep.  Hard Core prep means now is the time to make some sacrifices of your time in behalf of prep for your test. I know you have a limited amount of time. However, you must rearrange your schedule to add study time - now. That means less of something else. You select. 

    Remember, this adjustment is temporary. Once you pass, you can go back to whatever you're giving up now. Also remember this: It is difficult to cram in a few days and pass this test. There are too many sources, question and answers!

    I think this example reinforces my point: Visualize yourself, and imagine how you will feel if you fail and discover you only missed passing by a few questions? Ouch!

    Friends, you need to devote at least 90 minutes a day to practice. That's at least 90 minutes for reading, practice tests, and flash cards. I've included a Pop Quiz. It's also time to start prepping for Test Day. What I mean is now is the time to modify your prep to include more real-world prep methods. 

    The best real-world method is to practice now for the way you want to be on Test Day. I’m been reviewing prep methods used by folks prepping for graduate school, law school and medical school exams. The tutors always say it's important to study and take practice exams in an environment that matches what you will experience on Test Day.

    Your Test Day environment will be much different from your current practice environment.

     First, you'll be nervous. The problem will with nervousness is that it can distract you from your past practices routines. Your mind will wander to the future and the past. That’s human. You’ll be driven to think about whether you're ready. You’ll question whether you've studied enough;  and if you've covered enough of the right material. 

    If you're like me, your mind will also wander to the future, too. You'll be thinking about what happens if you don't pass, and how you'll explain your results to others. To reduce your anxiety and keep your mind focused, you should do things that increase your self confidence. An ideal way to do that is to prepare for the Test Day environment. 

This is what you'll see on Test Day: 

- Hundreds of people at the hotel. Some are there for your test, and some for other tests.

- Guess what? You may see folks you know or saw at the last test (If this is your second try). 

- There will be people waiting in lines at different rooms. 

- Test Proctors and administrators. Some will be nice and some will be "drill sergeants."

- Once they open the doors, you're assigned a seating based on your last name.

- Old fashioned, hard tables, and wooden chairs. 

- Make sure to leave all your electronic devices in the car or your room. All you need is your ID, your invitation and a #2 pencil. 

- If you have one bring a wrist watch to track your time. 

- Folks easily lose track of time. 

- The test starts promptly at 8:00 am. If you encounter traffic or a problem and are late. Don't cancel. Proceed to the test. They allow late people to test. It's better than canceling and having to wait 6 more months. 

- FYI: Everyone ends at the same time. So, don't expect to be given extra time if you arrive late. 


To Create Real-World Practice:

- Go to the Library rather than Starbucks. 

- Practice at the same time as the test: 8-9:30 am.

- Practice in 30, 60, and 90 minute blocks. 

- Use a timer to track your time. 

- Don't check your answers until you're done.

- Do the same for your readings. 

- Reduce the number of late night study sessions. Increase your sessions during the early morning. 


Friends, here's one more question for you: Are you fully committed and prepared to pass your test? 

Remember my motto: Every question and answer matters!


One more thing. Here are some of my Prep Kit Practice Questions:  

1. JC  All of the following are exempt from JCAR general licensing provisions, except: ______ (Sec.447/15-5)  

a. Corporate fire protection investigators

b. Engineering design investigators

c. Freelance human resource investigators

d. Corporation counsel investigators


2. JC Practice while on inactive status constitutes ________ (Sec. 447/10-25):

a. light duty practice

b. licensed practice

c. unlicensed practice

d. none of the above 


3. JC Licensees and their direct reports are required earn a minimum of 30 hours per year of continuing education credits- True/False (Sec: 10-27):


4. JC  All of the following are exempt from JCAR general licensing provisions, except: ______ (Sec.447/15-5)  

a. Corporate private investigators

b. Corporate computer forensic investigators

c. Retired homicide investigators

d. Medico legal investigators


5. JC Ms. Jones, the new owner of a nursing home corporation decides to terminate a long held contract with a national security firm and establish their own, in-house security force. Question: Will Ms. Jones need to obtain an Illinois private security contractor license: yes or no? (Sec.25-5)

a. Yes, because the state requires all security operations to be licensed and regulated by the IDFPR

b. Yes, because the state requires all non governmental security operations to be licensed and regulated by the IDFPR.

c. No, because multi-location, proprietary security matters are not regulated by the state.

d. No, because the security operations are used exclusively for the nursing home.


6. JC All of the following are permitted to use firearms in the course of their business activities, except:___ (Sec. 31-30 & 35-35):

a. security guards

b. private alarm contractors

c. fingerprint vendors

d. canine handlers


7. JC Licensed Private Security Contractor Paul Jackson is reviewing an applicant’s completed security officer employment application. The application is complete except that the applicant did not include a recently taken head shot with the application. Jackson will reject or accept this application, because ___ (Sec. 35-30/E1 & P):

a. Reject because the applicant failed to include a photo.

b. Reject because IDFPR requires employers to maintain photos of all employees.

c. Accept because Jackson can obtain the photo at a later time. 

d.  Accept because fingerprints can be used in lieu of photos.


8. JC MS. Jones (CEO of Jones Nursing Home Corporation) has several nursing facilities in high crime areas. Jones is considering having 4 (four) of her security staff carry firearms while on duty in high crime neighborhoods. If Jones arms the security staff she is, or is not in compliance because _____ (35-45):

a. Is in compliance because IDFPR does not regulate armed security in nursing homes.

b. Is in compliance because Jones is not a financial institution, commercial or industrial company.

c. Is not in compliance because all armed employees are regulated by the IDFPR.

d. Is in compliance because only 4 security officers will be armed. 


9. JC A person who uses in fraud in obtaining a license is guilty of a ________ misdemeanor for the first offense, and guilty of a _______  felony for each subsequent violation (Sec. 45-50):

a. Class A / Class 4  

b. Class B / Class 2

c. Class C / Class 1

d. None of the above


10. JC Any person found guilty of unlicensed practice due to fraud in obtaining a license shall pay a civil penalty not to exceed_______ for each offense (Sec. 45-50).

a. $1,000

b. $1,500

c. $10,000

d. $15,000


11. JC Registered employees of private security contractors shall receive training in all of the following topics, except: (Sec. 25-20):

a. Interview, interrogation and public speaking

b. Criminal Code of 2012

c. Civil Rights, Use of Force and Arrest Techniques

d. Fire prevention, fire equipment and fire safety


12. IL  A person is justified in the use of force against another when he/she reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or another against such other's imminent use of unlawful force. However, he/she is justified in the use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent_______ (720 ILCS 5/7-1):

a. Death or great bodily harm to himself  or another person 

b. Commission of a forcible felony 

c. Both a and b

d. a only


13. IL A person commits ________ when he or she knowingly (1) Obtains or exerts unauthorized control over property of the owner; or (2) Obtains by deception control over property of the owner; or (3) Obtains by threat control over property of the owner; or (4) Obtains control over stolen property knowing the property to have been stolen or under such circumstances as would reasonably induce him or her to believe that the property was stolen; or (5) Obtains or exerts control over property in the custody of any law enforcement agency which any law enforcement officer or any individual acting in behalf of a law enforcement agency explicitly represents to the person as being stolen or represents to the person such circumstances as would reasonably induce the person to believe that the property was stolen, and intends to deprive the owner permanently of the use or benefit of the property; or knowingly uses, conceals or abandons the property in such manner as to deprive the owner permanently of such use or benefit; or uses, conceals, or abandons the property knowing such use, concealment or abandonment probably will deprive the owner permanently of such use or benefit.  (Sec 720 ILCS 5/16-1):

a. robbery        b. theft            c. burglary         d. fraud


14. IL The sentence for the offense described in Question 13, when the value of the property is less than $500 in value is a __________ (Sec 720 ILCS 5/16-1):

a. Class A misdemeanor.

b. Class B misdemeanor

c. Class 4 felony

d. Class X felony


15. IL  A person commits _____________, with the intent to prevent the lawful entry of a law enforcement officer or another, he/she maintains a structure in a fortified condition, knowing that the structure is used for the unlawful manufacture, storage with intent to deliver or manufacture, delivery, or trafficking of cannabis, controlled substances, or methamphetamine as defined in the Cannabis Control Act, the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (Sec 720 ILCS5/19-5).

a. criminal fortification 

b. intimidation, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest

c. both a and b

d. none of the above

The answers next week.

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Burst out of Your Comfort Zone and Succeed!

Burst out of your Comfort Zone and Succeed!

This Post offers tips and techniques on how to master a new skill. This Post is primarily for folks studying for the state of Illinois Private Detective and/or Security Contractor license examinations.   

However, anyone interested in mastering a skill or overcoming a challenge will benefit from this Post. Read on, please. 

Becoming a licensed private detective or private security contractor.

There are eight weeks remaining until Continental Testing Services (www.continentaltesting.net) presides over candidates taking exams to become Illinois licensed private detectives, security contractors, locksmiths, and alarm contractors. These tests are offered every March and September at the Best Western Inn, in Hillside, Illinois. 

What’s wrong with being comfortable?

Although initially, it may seem paradoxical, a Comfort Zone is not always a good thing. For our clients a Comfort Zone is a good thing. A Comfort Zone t’s like a Safe Room, right? It’s also a place where we want our loved ones and friends to be. In fact, in business, many of us have as an objective to create Comfort Zones for our clients. 

In this context, I define “Comfort Zone” differently. The Comfort Zone I’m referring to is a state of mind. In this Post, a Comfort Zone is the place where we are most confident, relaxed, fearless, and comfortable. This “C-Zone” is where we want to be most of the time. While we’re in the C-Zone, we feel minimal stress and anxiety.  Many folks believe we do our best work we’re in the C-Zone. 

Guess what? Never leaving your C-Zone is a problem when you’re attempting to master a new skill. Staying in the C-Zone slows you down, limits your endurance, and inhibits your growth.

An amazing fact about our bodies and minds is that our bodies and minds improve dramatically when we engage in hard work; and experience frustration and discomfort—in moderation. 

It’s not like walking on broken glass.

People who workout regularly understand this concept. They recognize it as a vital component in training and conditioning. Athletes and coaches regularly use the term “No pain, no gain.” This is their way of expressing that we must push ourselves out of our C-Zones to reach the next level. 

Prepping for the state of Illinois Private Detective and or Security Contractor licensing examination requires the same degree of understanding. In this context, “Bursting out of Your Comfort Zone” means focusing on your weak areas more than your strong areas. It also means enduring the negative feelings you sense when struggling materials you don’t understand, find boring, or inconsequential. 

How many people enjoy taking a test and failing it? Few do. Additionally, very few people get satisfaction from reading new concepts and theories and not being able to interpret and explain them. 

Here’s the good news!

However, when we devote meaningful time on new materials which are foreign, complicated, and/or boring, we are practicing in an area outside of our C-Zone. 

Mastery of any new skill, concept or theory, requires immersion in that material for a considerable amount of time. Our brains have the ability to absorb the material, deconstruct it, and recombine it (like these new 3D printers). 

However, mastery takes time, practice and patience to do it. The time comes from your regular and consistent interaction with the new materials, outside of your C-Zone. The practice is the amount of time you engage in reading and interpreting the new materials. And patience is the amount of time you give yourself to adjust and adapt to the frustration you feel while being outside of your C-Zone.   

For more information about my Prep Kits or to receive a free sample, contact me: 

Office: 224.238.7848          Email: info@pjda.net

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Illinois Private Detective/Security Contractor License Exam Tip of the Week

Prep Kit Tip of the Week:

The state of Illinois Private Security Contractor and Private Detective license tests are Saturday, March 14, 2015. That means there are nine weeks remaining to prep for the test. The best way to prep for these tests is by performing activities which help you identify your strong and weak areas. Doing practice tests is one way. Another way is creating and using your own flash cards.  

Before explaining how to create your own flash cards, let’s take a closer look at these tests.

Exam test Q&As come from multiple sources. On the private detective exam, 40 of the 75 questions and answers involve detective practices (53%). Federal and state law have 35 questions and answers (30%). And, licensing and practice requirements account for 12 questions and answers (16%).  

On the private security contractor exam, 40 of the 75 Q&As involve security practices. The other percentages for federal and state law and licensing and practice requirements are the same. 

What do these percentages tell us? More than half of the test Q&As on each test will come from either detective practices or security practices source material. For the private detective exam, there is only one detective practices source: James Gilbert’s Criminal Investigation Textbook. This source contains 19 chapters and 541 pages. 

For the private security contractor exam, there are two security practices sources: Robert Fischer, et al’s Introduction to Security and Pamela A. Collins, et al’s Principles of Security and Crime Prevention. Fischer’s book contains 20 chapters and 501 pages. Collins’s book contains 13 chapters and 401 pages. 

That’s a lot of material to study! And, the best way to manage this is the same way you eat an elephant. A little bit at a time. 

DIY FLASH CARDS. Create your own flash cards of questions and answers from the source materials. At least half of your Q&As must cover either detective or security practices- depending on which test you’re taking. 

Use 3 by 5 inch index cards to create your flash cards. Practice your flash cards daily. By creating your own cards, and practicing them daily, you’ll increase your retention of the materials. As you master a Q&A (which you will when practicing everyday), eliminate those Q&AS which become easy. These are your strong areas. Keep the hard Q&As in your flash card deck. These are your weak areas. 

I used this concept, and a couple others, to pass my detective test with a perfect score on my second attempt in 2012. I also used this method to pass the ASIS, International Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) exams. These exams are whoppers when compared to the licensing tests.   

For assistance with creating Q&As, purchase either of my Prep Kits. Both contain more than 400 practice Q&As that come directly from all the sources. For a free sample, contact me: 224.238.7848 or email: info@pjda.net.







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The Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor License Exams are March 14, 2015

Every six months the state of Illinois, through Continental Testing, offers written examinations for folks interested in becoming either a licensed private detective or private security contractor. The deadline for submitting an application to take these tests is Wednesday, January 28, 2015.  Many folks consider these written tests the most challenging element of state licensing process. There are many reasons the tests are considered the most challenging. One reason the tests are difficult to pass is because of the multiple sources used for the test questions and answers. 

Here are the sources for the Private Detective License test:

1.) Criminal Investigation, 8th Edition (2010), James N. Gilbert Publisher: Prentice-Hall Phone: (800) 282-0693 Website: www.prenhall.com 

2.) Illinois Criminal Law and Procedure Handbook, 2012 Edition Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS), Chapters 720 and 725

3.) Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security and Locksmith Act and Rules, 225 ILCS 447 and Administrative Code, Title 68, Chapter VII-b, Part 1240 Available from: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Phone: (217) 785-0800 Website: www.idfpr.com

4.) Illinois Handbook of Government, 2011-12 and U.S. and Illinois Constitutions, organization of Illinois government. Available from: Illinois Secretary of State. Chicago: (312) 814-2262 Springfield: (217) 782-5763, Website: www.sos.state.il.us 

About the State of Illinois Test. Test takers have 90 minutes to complete the test. The test contains 75 multiple choice questions. A score of 70% is required to pass. (Side note: That means you must average about 65 seconds on each question to make sure you have enough time to review, interpret and answer each one.) 

After taking this test and failing it in 2011, I changed my study habits and took the test again six months later in March 2012. I passed the test with a perfect score: 75 out of 75 correct (see below).  

I also used the same prep methods to pass my ASIS, International Certified Protection Professional  (CPP) and Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) exams. 

My Prep Kit helps you prepare for the state test on your own, at your own pace. The Kit contains hundreds of Q&As from the source materials. It also contains study tips and techniques. 

Prep Kit Contents. My Kit contains more than 400 practice questions and answers. I have the practice exams divided by topic: federal law & state laws, Illinois Joint Committee rules and regs (JCAR), and a "real world" test which includes samples from all categories. 

Audio Files. The Kit includes audio files you can listen to reinforce your study. Some folks listen to the files while traveling in the car or on the train. More on that later. 

Pre-test Coaching and Mentoring. As we get closer to the test I will be in touch with you to keep you focused and motivated. The folks who have bought the kit and not passed the test are those who waited to the last minute to prepare. 

Prepping Style. Prepping for this test is like prepping to run a marathon. You have to start gradually and build up as you get closer to the test. 

Any updates available?  After every test, I update the Kit with additional Q&As, State law updates, and additional tips. January 15, 2015, I'll send you the update for the March 2015 test. It will contain any new laws, new tips, and additional Q&As. The update is free. 

For a free sample, contact PJ Jordan: info@pjda.net or 224.238.7848



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"Only in America, 24 November 2014 (Ferguson, Missouri)"

Only in America. 

Only in America can you fully and freely express your disagreement with the State-without consequence. 

Only in America can you carry your disagreement with the State to the next level. 

America is not Utopia. America is not perfect. The United Kingdom abolished slavery 50 years before America did. Yet, the UK is not Utopia either. Far from it. 

I don't disagree that here in America (my home), there are many race-related issues that affect me, my family, and my livelihood. There are also many other issues as well. There is classism, violence, ignorance, greed, nepotism, jealousy, fear, and envy.

There's also laziness and apathy. Some say the opposite of love is apathy not hatred. 

Apathy is worse than hatred. Apathy is worse that racism. 

Let's fight apathy by being a role models for positive change. The conflict in the Middle East has continued for 2000 years. It will not change as long as one side continues to fight against the arguments and past acts of the other side. 

Our fight against racism will change--with or without us. History, anthropology, and time are with us (See South African). American will be a different place in 50 years, 100 years, 200 years. 

Our great-great 4x -grand children won't have to deal with racism. They WILL have to deal with apathy, violence, crime, envy, drug abuse, classism, and the state of the environment. 

For now, if our desire is expedited change, we have to make a stand, make a sacrifice, and redirect our energies to efforts that produce positive, substantive change. 

These folks understood that: Jesus, MLK, Galileo, Malcolm, Gandhi, and  Benazir Bhutto. 

God Bless America-- It, our dreams, and the opportunity to pursue happiness are all we have to pass along to our progeny.  : ))

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Private Detective and Private Security Contractor Licensing Prep Kits Available

Will you be ready? The State of Illinois and Continental Testing have announced the date for the next Private Detective and Private Security Contractor licensing examinations: Saturday, September 13, 2014.  The deadline to submit applications to take these examinations is Tuesday, July 29, 2014. 

The most challenging aspect in obtaining private detective and private security contractor licenses in Illinois is passing the pre-licensing, subject matter examinations. 

Many folks who have dreamed of becoming licensed security and investigation professionals  have become frustrated after their plans had to be postponed because they failed the licensing test. 

Imagine how you would feel if your dream has to be pushed back six months or more? You've got a top-notch business plan, have arranged financing, and networked with some potential clients. Now, because you failed the licensing exam, you have to wait another six months to take the test again. Not only that, but because you failed, your self-confidence has been "zinged." 

Starting a new business is risky and stressful enough without worrying about passing a 75 question subject matter examination. 

You know what you need to become a successful startup. Unfortunately, your company can’t get started until you pass the licensing examination. 

The State of Illinois licensing examinations are very challenging for several reasons. First, the test content includes Illinois criminal and civil law, federal law, and IDFPR rules and regulations. Additionally, you will be tested on criminal investigations or security principles; depending on your license. And finally, on the 75 question exam, you can only get 5 questions wrong and still pass. That means you must get a 94% to pass the exam. 

Don't underestimate these tests like I did. In 2011, I assumed my law enforcement background was all I needed to pass the 75 question test. I was wrong- I failed. I took the test content and test prep for granted. Consequently, after failing, I had to wait another six months to try again. 

Plus, I had to alter my study methods to ensure I was ready for the test. In March 2012 I took the test again and passed - with a perfect score. 

Now, I’m offering my prep kits so you don’t have to experience what I went through. 

My kits include hundreds of test Q&As. The kits also include flash cards, terms and definitions cheat sheets, reading materials, tips and strategies, IDFPR rules and regs, and audio files. 

Contact me today for a free sample.  Office: 224.238.7848 or email: info@pjda.net

Don’t underestimate this test! The timing and success of your business depends on it! 

Private Detective Paladin “Pj” Jordan, CPP, PCI 



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2014 ASIS Chicago Chapter CPP Study Group Begins Tuesday, March 11th

Our 2014 CPP Study Group (SG) begins Tuesday, March 11th and ends Tuesday, June 10th. The SG is being hosted by our friends at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin. Many thanks to Chicago Chapter member Dave Ryan, Director of Security, Grand Victoria Casino, for inviting and hosting us!  

Background: My primary goal was to secure a centrally located venue for our Chicago and suburban members. Unfortunately, I was unable to find that ideal spot. 

So Plan B is we're splitting the SG into two locations. We'll do the first half of the SG at the Elgin GV, and six weeks later (April 22nd), we'll move to a Downtown location (more details to follow).  

Below is a description of the SG and why it's a great (and free) opportunity to help you prep and pass the CPP, PCI, and/or PSP. 

CPP Study Group Overview: 

  • The study group method is a simple and effective study technique. 
  • Our SG provides attendees the opportunity to participate in an informal, practical, and educational learning environment. 
  • The SG is effective because participants interact directly with like-minded individuals who possess various security-related experience, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Attendees also learn how to use the POA and other source materials to prepare for the rigorous, stressful, and challenging real exams. 
  • Attendees discover new and effective study methods and techniques CPPs, PSPs and PCIs have used to prep for and pass their tests.
  • Attendees also learn which techniques are less effective for passing the test.  


  • Each attendee is assigned multiple, security-related topics to present during the SG. 
  • Attendees prepare and present to the class a 15-20 minute power point presentation to fellow attendees. 
  • During their presentations, attendees also create 20 questions and answers (per topic) from their assigned materials to share with the rest of the SG. (Consider this a "potluck" version of building a test Q&A bank.)
  • These new questions and answers are pooled together (by me) to create multiple practice examinations for attendees to use during the remainder of their CPP exam prep. 
  • CPPs, PSPs, and PCIs will also attend the SG and give presentations and answers questions about their experiences prepping for the exam. 

Anticipated Outcome/Benefit:

  • Participating in the SG is like "pre-season football, baseball, or hockey" for test takers. Let's be honest, it's been a while since some of us have been in school or prepped for a serious exam. The SG gradually improves your study, concentration skills, and test-taking habits over time. 
  • The SG also allows you to network with others who have passed (and failed) the CPP, allowing you to learn from their experiences. 
  • ASIS exams are challenging and intense. Few are able to pass the test without serious preparation. I equate it to successfully running a marathon. It takes six months of prep to run 26 miles- and not die after crossing the finish line. 
  • The SG offers the same benefit. Using the SG helps you ID your strong and weak areas. 
  • Participating in the SG gradually and consistently improves your test taking abilities and self confidence. 
  • Taking the practice tests gives you instant feedback on your progress and prep methods.   
  • Also, the more "real-world" practice tests you take before your real exam reduces your test day anxiety, stress, and panic. Think of it like a "dress rehearsal." 

There is no cost for attendance, parking or materials. Note: Attendees must have their 2014 Chicago Chapter dues paid ($20). 

Study Group details:

  • When: Tuesdays, March 11th to April 22nd. (April 29th we move to Downtown Chicago to June 10th).
  • Time:  6p-8p
  • Where: Grand Victoria Casino Banquet Room, 250 S. Grove, Elgin (10 minutes from I-90 and Route 31). 20 Miles west of Woodfield Mall (I90 and I290).
  • Cost: No cost if Chapter dues are paid. 
  • Materials needed: Computer, Microsoft Powerpoint or (Keynote for Mac)
  • Access to POA will be granted to paid members via Chicago Chapter.   
  • Skype access (Pending. More details to follow...) 

FYI: This is the only free SG in the Chicago region this year. Seating is reserved and limited

Register today. To reserve your place, reply to me via email with your name and contact number.  

***Also Seeking CPP, PSP, and PCI Presenters***

CPPs, PSPs, and PCIs volunteers are needed to present and talk about their prep methods and exam war stories. Presenters will receive CEUs (and a high five from Pj). Please contact me if yon can assist us. Contact me at: 224.238.7848

Using a Real-World Scenario to Gauge Your State Exam Readiness

The Illinois Private Detective and Private Security Contractor License Exams are only six days away. I've created this scenario to help you assess your understanding of the applicable criminal laws. 

Illinois Private Detective / Private Security Contractor License Exam Practical Scenario:

(Use your knowledge, experience, and accumulated prep tools to answer the questions.)


You are the Operations Commander of Elite Security and Investigations (ESI). Sunday, March 9, 2014, at 01:05 hours, you receive a call from ESI Shift Supervisor Lt. Jane Downing. Lt. Downing called to brief you regarding an incident that just occurred during the Saturday evening shift at a Mellow Manufacturing, Inc facility in Schaumburg. 


Your company (ESI) has a multi-year contract to provide 24/7 security and investigative services at Mellow Manufacturing, Inc. Your services include uniformed, fixed and moving security posts, staffing a 24/7 communication center (Comms), safety and security for MMI staff and direct communication with 911 during emergency situations, and an on-call internal investigations unit when requested. 

Mellow Manufacturing, Inc. (MMI) is a million dollar telecommunications/software company. MMI designs circuit boards and software used smart phones and other devices. MMI’s most valuable asset (aside from staff), is their intellectual property; which includes: software designs, patents, and marketing strategies. 

MMI’s facility in Schaumburg includes real property and assets spanning a 5 acre lot. MMI has a highly trained staff of 47. On weekends MMI staff typically is reduced 75% to about 7-10 people.


At 01:05 hours, Lt. Downing calls you and reports the following:

Saturday, at 23:45, Security Officer (SO) Martinez calls the ESI Comms Center via portable radio and speaks with SO French. Martinez reports finding an apparently abandoned White Chevy van parked next to the MMI perimeter fence. The van’s engine is off. There are no license plates on the van. The van appears to be unoccupied.  

The van traveled off the perimeter road and is in the ditch near the fence. The van located less than a foot away from the MMI chain link fence. SO French redirects the Comms Center video surveillance system for that area and sees that the van is barely visible due to it’s location and distance from the surveillance camera. 

SO Martinez cannot see inside the van from his location. SO French tells SO Martinez to standby at his location. The nearest access point (entrance/exit) is 0.5 miles away from the van. 

Next, at 23:51 hours, Ray Jefferson (MMI Overnight Supervisor) calls the Comms Center to report he received a call from an employee stating there’s a disturbance occurring in the ninth floor conference room - C902.  SO French asks Jefferson for more details about the nature of the disturbance, and Jefferson says he’s not sure. Jefferson adds that he’s on his way up there now and hangs up.  

SO French contacts Lt. Downing via radio and tells her about both incidents. Lt. Downing acknowledges the message and tells SO French to send SO’s Jackson, McDonough and Clevenger to the north floor disturbance. 

Next, SO Martinez contacts the Comm Center to report seeing a second vehicle suddenly turn its lights on and drive away at high speed in the opposite direction. The only description SO Martinez can provide is of a dark sedan with dual tail lights on each side.

SO Jackson is the first SO to arrive at the disturbance. He sees four people hovering over a person laying on the floor near conference room C902. SO Jackson also sees drops of blood on the floor near the apparent victim; who’s laying on the floor on her back. The victim, a female, appears to be unconscious. 

Supervisor Jefferson is also there. He is talking to staff trying to figure what happened. SO Jackson hears someone say the injured person is Software Engineer Marie Orlando. Two other unknown MMI staff are attending to Orlando. One is applying towels to Orlando’s nose and face area. The other is checking Orlando for vital signs and additional injuries.

Lt. Downing and the other SO’s arrive and begin asking questions and looking around. Next, MMI HR employee Jason Sung runs up to Lt. Downing and tells her there flashing strobe lights and loud alarm noises coming through a damaged and partially opened door that leads to the CEO’s inner office suite.

Lt. Downing contacts the Comm Center and asks SO French for a status of the Control Center alarm system. SO French tells Lt. Downing there are alarms and LED actuators flashing all over the control center board.

Lt. Downing and SO McDonough then run the 150 meters down the hall and around a corner to the CEO’s office where they see and hear alarms and flashing strobe lights. Lt. Downing sees that the CEO’s outer office door is damaged and that an office window appears to be widely open. Lt. Downing turns on the office lights and sees papers and file folders strewn about the desks, tables, and floor. Downing also sees file drawers open and a wall-mounted vault that appears to be damaged and opened. 

Lt. Downing stops in his tracks and uses his radio to contact SO French. He tells French to call the MMI emergency contact -MMI Operations Chief Andre Veronda.

Lt. Downing directs SO McDonough to stand guard the entrance of the CEO’s office and not allow anyone in until further notice.  

SO French then receives a transmission from SO Martinez reporting that the white van that was parked adjacent to the MMI perimeter fence has now disappeared. SO Martinez says it must have driven away when he left the location to drive to the access access point to get to the other side of the fence. SO French relays this information to Lt. Downing. 

SO French tells Lt. Downing Mr. Veronda has been called and is en route MMI with an ETA of 45 minutes. SO French Lt. Downing asks if the police should be called and Downing says negative. Not yet. Downing tells French to wait until Mr. Veronda arrives and he’ll let him know. 

At 00:40, Mr. Veronda arrives and meets with Downing and they both go into the CEO’s suite to look around. A few minutes later Veronda says that notes from a confidential file are missing. investigate. While looking around, Veronda says there are multiple, important company flash drives and other storage media missing. Veronda tells Downing he suspects MMI has become the victim of an intellectual property theft. 

Veronda asks Lt. Downing to describe everything that happened in the last hour before the incident was discovered. Veronda asks if the disturbance resulted in anyone being seriously injured or transported to the hospital. Lt. Downing says tells Veronda Ms. Marie Orlando was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Veronda pauses, and then says to Lt. Downing that he suspects the two incidents may be  somehow related.  Lt. Downing asks Veronda if the police should be called, and Veronda says no. Not yet. Veronda tells Lt. Downing he needs to speak to MMI CEO Miles Mason first—right away!

While attempting to reach Miles Mason, Veronda asks Lt. Downing if ESI could conduct a confidential, internal investigation regarding the apparent theft of valuable intellectual property. Lt. Downing says yes. Veronda then tells Lt. Downing okay, but to stand until Veronda’s speaks with Miles and their corporate counsel. (MMI has to weigh the significance of any public disclosures about the incident may have on the company.) 

Your Duties:

Among your duties as ESI Operations Commander is assisting your client in the manner that best serves their needs. In this case it appears MMI has the following immediate needs:

1.    Determine if the incident actually resulted in the loss of valuable intellectual property. 

2.    Determine the manner and method of the theft.

3.    If proven, ascertain if the loss was the result of accomplices within MMI.

4.    Assess and evaluate MMI’s current security system to determine what obvious flaws         contributed to the loss.

5.    Determine whether any employee background investigations factors contributed to the         incident?



1.    Type of security system used in this case?


2.    List examples of the difference between contract and proprietary security


3.    Based on your understanding of Illinois criminal law, list the types of offenses that         occurred in this incident. crimes that occurred:


4.    During an interview with ESI investigators MMI Software Engineer Todd Young             reluctantly admits he was paid $50,000 to strike Marie Orlando and create a diversion         which allowed others time to breach and disable the automated security system in the         CEO’s office. If true, what offenses could Young be charged with?


5.    After an extensive investigation by ESI detectives, CEO Miles Mason takes the             investigation findings and evidence to the state’s attorney for prosecution. Miles Mason         wants bribery charges against Todd Young and Marie Orlando. The MMI investigation         discovered evidence that Orlando and Young worked to together to create the diversion.         Both Young and Orlando were paid $50,000 each by a third party to create the diversion. 

    The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office presents the case to the Grand Jury and the         two are charged with felony commercial bribery. 

    Question: What type of statement is issued regarding their charges: indictment,             information or    complaint?


6.    Which of the three classifications best describes the criminal relationship between Young     and Orlando?    

            Solicitation    Conspiracy     Attempt

7.    If Young had acted alone when he hit Orlando to create the diversion which additional offenses could he be charged with? Assault,   Battery,     Obstruction of Justice,    Other

Answers coming on March 4th. 

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IL Private Security Contractor Exam Tip of the Week


Hello Friends, 

You’re down to 20 days remaining to prep for the state examination. By now you should know which topics are your strong and weak areas. 

Here are your tips of the week:

1. Focus less on your strong areas during the next week. 

-I’ve attached a chart which identifies the topic areas that are covered on the exam. On the attachment, the third column lists the # of questions asked from each topic area. I’ve estimated the additional breakdown of the questions.

-One thing is obvious as I look at the breakdown of the questions and topics. No single area will have an overwhelming number of questions. On average each topic area will ask 3 questions.

2. Tip: create your own flash cards using the content from your cheat sheets and other study materials. 

3. The best way to remember something is to write it, read it and speak it. Plus, you retain the materials even longer when you rewrite the content in your own words. My suggestion is to use this technique only for content  you find really difficult and challenging (i.e., eavesdropping, burglary vs robbery vs home invasion, etc).  


4. If you can breeze through certain topics without much thought then this is a strong area. Don’t eliminate these topics from your practice, just reduce the time you’re spending on them.

5. ALSO: Make sure to practice using a real-world environment. What I mean it to use a timer, set up a hard-backed chair and table, remove distractions (TV, radio, kids, etc) and give yourself a 75 question test. DO this a couple times this week. The benefit is this will help lessen your anxiety during the test on March 8th. 

Here’s what the environment will be like at your test on March 8th: 

a. Arrive early. The parking lot will be full. People from all over the state and out of staters are there taking tests, too. 

b. When you arrive there will be hundreds of others standing around waiting to take your test and other tests (Locksmiths, alarms, detectives, etc.).

c. There will be signs on the conference room doors indicating which rooms will be used for which tests.

d. Some staff will be friendly, some won’t. Don’t allow their bad mojo to infect you.

e. The conference room doors will be locked until it’s time to go in and get ready. 


f. After they open the doors, you will be directed to your seat based on the spelling of your last name. If this is your second time taking the test, you may see some of the the same people who were there the last time you took the test.

g. Once you sit down, the staff will come around and verify your ID by looking at your DL and your letter. (DON’T forget to bring your letter and DL.)

h. Leave all electronic devices in your car. 

i. Approximately 15 minutes before the test begins the host from Continental Testing will walk you through filling out the answer sheet. This is “old School.” No computers are used. 

j. As you begin the test expect some people to be arriving late. 

k. If for some reason you are late, don’t cancel. Up to a certain time, they allow you to take the test. 

i. When you finish the test, raise your hand and staff will come and collect your materials. 

m. During the test, you’ll probably see people you know (cops, security professionals, retirees, etc.). You won’t have much time to talk until after the test. Most folks are so exhausted and stressed after the test, they just leave the hotel and hit the road. (I know I was.) 

n. Also, they staff will do a countdown before your time is up. If you have a regular watch wear it so you can keep track of your time. Remember, no electronic devices are allowed. 

Remember, every question and answer matters!!!

My Security Contractor Prep Kit is now $349 and available for download today. The Kit includes practice tests, terms and definitions, audio study files and 400+ Q&As. Don't underestimate this test! Call now for your Prep Kit: 224.238.7848.


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Only 28 Days Remaining Until the State of Illinois Private Detective and Security Contractor License Exams

Only 28 days to go until the State of Illinois License examinations for private detective and private security contractor. Whether you’ve taken the test before or not, it’s important not to wait until the last minute to prepare. 

One observation many people misread is that a score of 93 percent is needed to pass these exams. The state of Illinois Study Guide indicates that a “70” is needed to pass. That’s a raw score of 70 out of 75 questions. Thus, that does not mean you can pass with a 75%. You must score an “A.” 

Don’t underestimate the state’s ability to craft a challenging test. And more importantly, don’t overestimate your abilities to pass this exam without preparation. Prepare yourself. 

Attached is a new tool I created to help learning terms you should know for the final exam. It's impossible to know if these are the only terms you need study. Probably not.